Playing around with alternatives while waiting for MT 3.0.

Seems the MT 3.0 alpha testing has started on time afterall according to Anil Dash of Six Apart. They just didn’t bother to mention it until people started complaining about the lack of news. With any luck it’ll only be a couple of weeks before it’s available to more people to try out and we’ll begin to get some feedback on it.

In the meantime I continue to toy with possible alternatives to MT. I installed the CMS to play with then yanked it to install Drupal to play with only to yank that and re-install e107 again. I’m also still experimenting with using the Invision Board I have set up for the SEB forums as the engine for my site and I managed to find a set of scripts that would make importing data from the forums into a front page for SEB child’s play.

I managed to whip up a test page that shows what it might be like which you can check out by clicking here if you want to see the potential. Keep in mind that I haven’t edited the style sheets for the import script so the text boxes look a little funky, but that’s just aesthetics. All in all, it works pretty well and there are options for importing topics, replies, polls and more. I’d lose the pinging of sites like or and trackbacks wouldn’t be possible to my site, though I could still manually trackback to other blogs. Beyond that, though, you’d be able to subscribe to particular entries without any additional plugins and even to whole categories. No need for clunky smilie implementations and there are additional scripts that would put a login box on the main page as well as provide for RSS feeds of the site and the commenting system would suddenly become a lot more robust.

Hmmm. Decisions, decisions… Sometimes I hate myself because of crap like this. grin

4 thoughts on “Playing around with alternatives while waiting for MT 3.0.

  1. Just another alternative that you might wish to check out is WordPress.  It usings PHP & MySQL and doesn’t require rebuidling pages like MT does.  It also appears to have a fairly active community behind it.  I’ve been using it myself for about a week now and it seems fairly decent, though I’d say WP’s documentation could use some work.

  2. I’ve played with WordPress quite a bit already, but it’s missing two things I’d like to have in whatever I move to next: 1) user registration for comments and 2) ability to handle multiple blogs. Drupal would give me both of those things though e107 and hacking Invision Board wouldn’t. However, if I were just getting started with a blog today and wasn’t hosting 7 blogs total already I’d definitely give WordPress high consideration.

    I like Drupal a lot, but I think it’s Taxonomy system may be too good. Flexibility is a good thing, but too much flexibility makes doing anything quickly rather difficult.

  3. Is Invision Board free? I believed it to be, but cannot find any justification to that belief.

    If it cost $, how much? Any reason to get it over the free PHPbb?

  4. It’s technically free, though much like Linux they offer to sell you “services” and some of the plug-ins for it (such as a nice image gallery) require you to have paid for a license. Finding the free version can be a little tricky on their site so it’s easy to get the impression that you have to pay for it, but you don’t.

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