Palestinian Muslims flock to see lamb born with “Allah” on its side.

Palestinian Muslims, in an apparent desire to draw some of the lucrative “news of people acting loony” market away from Christians, are going to great lengths to see the ‘God’ lamb. Seems a lamb was born with a pattern in its wool that appears to spell out the word ‘Allah’ on its side.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Hordes flocking to ‘miracle’ lamb

Owner Yahya Atrash, from the West Bank town of Hebron, told Reuters the animal was born on Monday, when militant leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was killed.

He told Reuters the timing was “clear evidence of God’s existence”.

“This sheep was born in memory of the martyrdom of the great hero Sheikh Ahmed Yassin,” the farmer said.

“We hope that the birth of this sheep is a lesson for the living in the same way… the martyrdom is a lesson for us here in Palestine.”

Many Palestinians travelled through several Israeli army checkpoints to view the lamb, who some claim also has “Muhammad” written on his other flank, after the Prophet.

But of course it does. God wouldn’t waste good advertising space by only using one side of the animal as a living billboard.

9 thoughts on “Palestinian Muslims flock to see lamb born with “Allah” on its side.

  1. Oh, and don’t forget the Mother Theresa coffee scroll!

    Allah on one flank, Muhammad on the other, and an image of George W. up its dag-hole :evillaugh:

  2. well to me this is just yet another example out of 1000s showing the complete insanity of the Religious mind.

    Of course many of you here find these people completely sane, rational thinking, and not suffering from any mental disorders at all.

    I beg to differ

  3. This reminds me….the one of the Virgin Mary on the windows of some office building in Florida was vandalized not too long ago. I was of mixed feelings about that. On one hand, I have seen photos of it, and I thought it was kinda pretty. On the other hand, I thought it was kinda funny the way the people were gathering around and sobbing, over a few windows that probably cost the building owner thousands to get replaced. But you would have thought that the vandals had performed human sacrifice on their church alter during Sunday worship.

    Mean-spirited? Maybe. Cynical? Definitely. But it was a friggin’ window, not the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel! Material things get broken, destroyed, or otherwise used up. Instead of crying over the loss of the window, think about how it made you feel, talk to others about how it made them feel. And then, just to complete the Irish wake theme, get piss-drunk on Guiness and start a brawl.

  4. God these people are so desperate for a sign that they see images in animal fur..

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