1.1.1 now available.

For those who wish to de-Microsoft their lives as much as possible you may be interested to hear that 1.1.1 is now available for download. This is a completely Open Source and free suite of productivity tools that replace and are compatible with Microsoft’s Office suite.

    Although primarily a bug fix release, 1.1.1 does contain some new features, such as:

    • the OOoDic Autopilot which allows a user to download automatically any one of 87 spelling, hyphenation and thesaurus dictionaries
    • enhanced support for languages that use a comma instead of a point/full stop as the decimal point

I’ve used it quite a bit myself and have to admit I’m impressed. There’s a few differences to learn between and Microsoft Office, but once you get around these minor issues you’ll find it’ll serve your needs pretty well. Particularly of interest to home users who can’t afford Office and would rather not pirate it.

7 thoughts on “ 1.1.1 now available.

  1. Thanks, Les, I had forgotten about Open Office and usually email Excel files I receive to the office to have them opened, printed and faxed back to me.

    As usual, this site is more than just a place to get my daily dose of controversy. The only thing it’s still missing is porn, eh wot?

  2. I use OpenOffice precisely because I can’t afford Office (even the cut-price educational version) and don’t really want to pirate it. It serves me well, and I can feel smug when it does things like output PDF documents and Flash versions of my presentations, which Office can’t do.

  3. ‘Tis ideal for Mac users, although it does require some non-newbie initiative as it isn’t OSX native. You have to install Apple’s X11 Unix workstation (it’s free) first, and then find a script that will launch that and then OpenOffice. Once it’s running, though, it works great, although it’s not as “pretty” as all the OSX native stuff. Eventually, an OSX native version is supposed to be released, but the date for that keeps getting pushed back, AFAIK.


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