Oh yeah…

… Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

    There’s a whole era, here, where Patrick follows Germain around, involving himself in the “purification” of England. Basically they were getting rid of all the evil pagans and any Christians that might disagree with the Roman Catholic version of Christianity. Supposedly, during this time, Patrick redid one of Jesus’ miracles by calming a raging storm at sea in the name of Christ. Add to this that he supposedly had a vision at the time telling him to convert Ireland—and we have the makings of a saint-in-training.

    Liking the idea of conquering (sorry, saving the souls of) Ireland, Pope St. Celestine I gave Patrick a mission to “gather the Irish race into the one fold of Christ.” (i.e., convert who you can and kill the rest). In 433 Patrick and his entourage landed at Wicklow Head in Ireland to begin their conquest of the evil, vile, heathenous Druids that were living happy, blissful lives unaware that they were, in fact, miserable without Christ.

Oh yeah, I love that summary of Saint Patty. Makes me giggle every time.

Update: Yeah, some of you guys caught me. I’m technically recycling this entry from last year. Can’t fool you people.

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