Off to a running start…

Let’s see. I’ve not been logged in for more than 15 minutes today and I’ve already added four people to my IM client’s ignore list for being clueless.

    THEM: hi!
    ME: Howdy.
    THEM: who is this?
    ME: Why do you people do this?
    THEM: i dunno
    ME: If you don’t know who I am then why the hell am I on your contact list?
    THEM: someone told me to
    ME: If you don’t who I am then just remove me from your contact list. *Clicks ignore button*

I know I can restrict things so that only folks on my contact list can reach me, but that kinda defeats the point of listing my IDs on my site. I like hearing from my readers who want to chat a little. Just wish I could filter out the dumbasses who put me on their contact list for no apparent reason.

2 thoughts on “Off to a running start…

  1. Well, now maybe it was God telling them to put you on their contact list…afterall he told Pat Robertson that George Bush is going to win this election by a landslide

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