Now that’s more like it…

What the sign being held by gay marriage opponent Pastor Leonard Gendron should have said:

Truth in advertising.

12 thoughts on “Now that’s more like it…

  1. Can I please be the first to say “good one Les”?
    If, I can’t, that’s ok, I’ll just say it louder secondly.
    What do you think it is that makes people like him so hateful? No one really respects him? Lack of education? Lack of a boyfriend?

    I wish I knew!

  2. That’s a very good question, Brock. And I’m afraid I don’t have anything close to a good answer. I can think of a lot of snarky/funny comments I could make about why these guys are so twisted, but I don’t have any good theories you should take seriously.

    Oh, and you most certainly can be the first to say “good one” to me for this. It was a quick and dirty Photoshop on my part, but I thought it worked.

  3. Les - I can think of a lot of snarky/funny comments I could make about why these guys are so twisted…
    If you couldn’t think of any good theories, the least you could do is offer some snarky/funny comments!

    Despite the risk of furthering my appearance as “The Official Stupid Evil Bastard’s Gay Poster Child”, I would like to add that many of the Christians here suggest that Jesus was the representative of a new covenant with man; the redeemer who demonstrated how we should live. Yet
    Jesus said absolutely nothing at all about homosexuality.

    Maybe, he just forgot to speak concerning one of the greatest abominations of humanity.

    On a more personal note, tomorrow night I’ve got a date. We’re going to a great little seafood place and commit an abomination with “all you can sin” crab legs. If I’m lucky (and I fully expect to be), that won’t be the only abomination we’ll attest to.

  4. elwedriddsche, a family friend/my brother’s godfather is gay, was this close (/me pinches thumb and first finger together) to being an ordained minister, says that “yeah, they probably are.” (he’s been right every time, when it came to people that we know that have outed themselves).

  5. Really Brock—
    Shellfish AND consensual gay sex?? 
    Well, I hope you’re looking forward to spending your afterlife with the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde because they will be no Anita Bryant for you in the heavenly hereafter, my shrimp-happy heathen!
    Burn, baby, burn!!

  6. Fear not, i have it on good word that the GayMafia is working (day but not nights) to ensure that all str8’s will soon find their marriages abolished and be forced into civil unions, just like the rest of us.

    Suffer not a str8 in your midst, unless they work for you.

    .rob adams

  7. The GayMafia? That makes for a pretty funny mental picture.

    The scene opens on a large Italian man dressed fashionably in pastels seated behind a large desk. He’s glaring critically at a thin man with shaggy hair and grubby, ill-fitting pull-on shirt and jeans seated in a smaller chair opposite. “Now Reggie,” the large man begins in a voice reminiscent of a bulldog’s growl “I’ve told you before that there are certain… standards… you’re going to have to live up to if you want to stay in my good graces.” The thin man squirms in his seat and looks worried as he casts fitful glances at the large Italian man. “We in the GayMafia have a certain image to maintain and we can’t have our members looking like common trailer trash. Where did you get those clothes? At a blue-light special? Where’s your mandatory Guci belt? I bet those shoes are from Payless. You’ve got some serious explaining to do, my friend.”

    My apologies to Brock ahead of time for my somewhat stereotypical portrayal, but I thought it was funny.

  8. Hey Brock, behave yourself…don’t eat the shrimp…you’ll burn in hell for that…

    :hugs: to you and your beloved

  9. Heh heh, funny stuff guys. Tish and maryh, there really is a gay mafia. One snap of the Gayfather’s wrist and he can raise your hemlines so high, the world is your gynecologist!

    maryh, what would you rather me do; order the smoked salmon and rape?

    Les, no need for apologies, but please explain how you knew how the conversation, between Gayfather and myself, went. His Eminence, that cacasodo, thinks he has the queer eye for the gay guy or something.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to speak with the Christian mafia concerning some turf disagreements. I’m not exactly looking forward to it; they’ve got a meaner Godfather than we do. 

  10. Careful people!  Careful

    ”…Truth is, many gay men will tell you that there most certainly is a Hollywood/media gay mafia-using that term or its synonym, “the velvet mafia”-whether or not they are members themselves. It

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