MT-Blacklist development comes to an end?

While catching up over at Jay Allen’s blog I spotted the following cryptic announcement about the future of MT-Blacklist.

I am disinclined to do any work on MT-Blacklist because it will be going away soon. Or rather, it will be obsolete. Unnecessary. Kaput. I will most likely open-source it for anyone else to develop if they wish, but I can’t see any reason for it to continue for reasons I won’t go into right now. It’s sad to me that I never reached my goals with the program, but I suppose I did what was needed, when it was needed. It’s time to put the pride away and move on.

Presumably Jay’s making reference to the upcoming debut of MovableType 3.0. It’s been known for awhile that comment registration will be a part of the next version, but that’s supposed to be optional and not everyone will use it so one would think there might still be a use for MT-Blacklist. Unless, of course, there’s some new twist in how comments are handled in 3.0 that we haven’t heard about yet. It’s an intriguing bit of commentary either way.

Just the same, I want to publicly offer a big thank you to Jay for developing MT-Blacklist as it makes dealing with comment spam under the current version of MT much less of a hassle. So, thanks Jay, you kept me from pulling out the hair I already shaved off. Or words to that effect.

4 thoughts on “MT-Blacklist development comes to an end?

  1. Yep, I’ve found it an invaluable tool in fighting the fools who feel they have to post peen lengtheners, etc on my blog.

    I’ll drop by his site tonight after work and thank him again, personally.


  2. I love MT Blacklist as well, and I intend to keep using it even when MT 3.0 comes out. There are some blogs I visit that already implement comment registration, and I’m MUCH less likely to leave comments there. I predict that most people will try out comment registration and then remove it from their blogs because it will have a chilling effect on comments.

  3. I don’t know what I would have done without MT-Blacklist the past four-five months; I’ve had at least 5,000 attempts by spam-bots blocked by this software.

  4. I just had it block about a hundred attempts by the same spambot the other day before MT’s comment throttling kicked in. It’s certainly been a life saver. Even when stuff gets through it makes cleanup a snap.

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