Moving the blogroll to a sub-page.

Well, it appears that is very slow today and causing delays in the rendering of SEB so I’ve removed it from the side bar for the time being. I haven’t done a full site rebuild yet, however, so it’ll still appear on many individual archives until they get rebuilt.

This sort of thing seems to be happening more often with so until I can find a worthwhile alternative I’ll set up a subpage to put it on so it’s only a problem when people actually want to look at it. For those blogs that are my regular daily reads I’ll probably end up putting button links on the side that don’t rely on an off-site script to display.

Like you people give a shit about what blogs I read anyway. grin

5 thoughts on “Moving the blogroll to a sub-page.

  1. But Les, just think of all the blogshares values you’ll be trashing by removing it.
    No, I’m not serious, don’t worry. I’ve got mine via a PHP include so if I get the urge to remove it, I thankfully don’t have to rebuild the entire site to make it disappear.

  2. One option you might want to try is Bloglines.  You can even use it for your aggregation needs at the same time. 

    They’ve got a blogroll function that works with Javascript, or you can use my MT-Notifier plugin to customize the export function a bit more than the Javascript solution allows.

  3. I’ve been using Bloglines as my current aggregate for keeping track of my daily reads for awhile now and I knew you could export a blogroll from them, but I didn’t know they had a Javascript solution similar to Blogrolling.

    And I’m already using your MT-Notifier plugin, but didn’t realize it would do stuff with a Bloglines blogroll. What would I do without you?

  4. I had the same problems with yesterday. Was causing all sorts of problems with my site. I wrote up a little script that would cache the blogrolling info for 10 minutes before grabbing it again. Seemed to help as the data did eventually come down, it just took a while at times.

    If you would like a copy of the script send me an email and i’ll forward it.

    Keep up the good work SEB

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