More on dropping the hard drive from Xbox Next.

The title of the following article pretty much says it all: TeamXbox Xbox News: No Hard Drive in Xbox 2 Confirmed.

This confirmation doesn’t come from Microsoft directly, but rather from the CEO of M-Systems which is the company that will be providing the Flash Memory cards the next Xbox will use for saving games and data. Considering that this company has products that could provide up to 47 GB of storage in a solid-state flash drive that could make a hard drive kind of redundant.

No word from Microsoft on the issue as of yet nor is there any indication on just what size of Flash Memory the Xbox Next will make use of, but it’s definitely looking like the hard drive won’t be around.

2 thoughts on “More on dropping the hard drive from Xbox Next.

  1. Why?

    In Australia HDD’s are a great deal cheaper than flash devices.

    Are they planning on making the xbox 2 cost more ?, what is ther justification for using flash memory ?

    this just seems liek a really odd thing to do seeing as the great things of the xbox where the HDD for ripping games movies music everything :


  2. I think that hard drives will slowly become a thing of the past as flash memory becomes cheaper and bigger.  Think of it,  no moving parts, no motors,  no crashing.  Access time should be quicker too.  47 gb is decent storage space even half of that would be ample for an Xbox.

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