Man cuts off own penis, runs down street naked screaming “Repent, repent, fornicators!”

Another reason to remember to take your medication in the morning…

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS – Madness, death and taxes in B.C.

The 33-year-old Penticton man, who was wearing only a tuque, was later found with his penis and testicles severed near a construction site.

Paramedics covered the struggling, bleeding man with a sheet and lifted him onto a stretcher while he continued to yell.

Foul play is not suspected, said RCMP.

The man’s severed parts were later found in his home and taken to hospital.

When questioned on the incident, God declined to comment citing a Deity-Follower Confidentiality Agreement.

7 thoughts on “Man cuts off own penis, runs down street naked screaming “Repent, repent, fornicators!”

  1. I was trying to refrain from making some comment about “losing” his testicles enroute to the hospital…

  2. I have done some “street ministry” in the past and was told “that it took balls to do what I did where I did it”….  but no one ever said it took a penis.

    I don’t think that this was exactly the idea that Jesus had in mind when He told believers to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

    on a side note….
    why is it that when people do something crazy like this, they always have to be doing something that associates themselves with Christians….  i mean he could have screamed,,, vote kerry/bush….Cowboys #1…..Broccoli Rules…but no, he had to call people,, particularly fornicators to repentance!!!uugghh

  3. Hey, they’re your people, randall…If you don’t understand them - who can?

    I have done some

  4. brock,

    dont worry, i wont let it get out.  we will keep it a secret like the where-a-bouts of wmd’s, and ossama bin laden.

  5. I saw the guy laying on his side with his ass and legs covered in blood.I thought he’d been hurt on the construction site,but I didn’t understand why he had blood all over his ass and was naked.I was relieved to read the article the next day because the dude was alive,and I didn’t have to try and grasp what happened.The image of this guy is burned in my brain and was disturbing to me and my girlfriend.He lived in a poor part of town,and I suspect he was on crystal meth.

  6. Well this just proves how religion makes people do crazy things and say crazy things all in the name for “Christ”. Get over it society.

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