Making cash from Christ’s crucifixion.

Covie expressed disbelief when Obnoxious Bitch mentioned that there’s an official The Passion of the Christ crucifixion nail that you can buy to wear as jewelry. It’s no lie and it’ll only cost you $12.99 plus shipping and handling. There’s a whole line of “official” jewelry brought you by the fine folks at Bob Siemon Designs Here’s a pic of the nails being removed from their molds:

I’m actually kind of surprised there hasn’t been much of a hue and cry about this. To me, this is just tacky.

But then I never claimed to have good taste. I mean, just look at my own website for proof of that. grin

16 thoughts on “Making cash from Christ’s crucifixion.

  1. Actually, there was a buzz - the day the movie hit the screens, a rep from Bob Siemon (or hell, maybe it was Bob himself) was on the Fox News Channel - on Hannity & Colmes, if I remember correctly.  I believe the company’s defense is that it’s just like wearing a crucifix or a cross, though these days, we think nothing of it because it’s so common.  Hey man…HIS words, not mine.  I believe Hannity asked something like “so what do you think about gothic kids wearing these things with no ties to the movie or story of Jesus?”  And I’ll leave you with that, especially since I forget what the dude said.

  2. Damn, those things are HUGE!
    So when the next movie about JFK comes out, are we going to sport rifle bullets around our necks next?

  3. I’m so. . . :omg: Tacky?? How about sick?? Or a little scarey?? :point:

    I can’t pull the words together . . .

  4. It’s times like these I think it’d be great to be proven wrong and Jesus WOULD make a visit—and kick the ever-lovin’ crap out of everyone making a fortune marketing faith (primarily a Christian endeavor, curiously - or maybe not!).

    I find it difficult to believe that Christians aren’t outraged.  But what do I know?  I’m a godless heathen with absolutely no moral compass! :disbelief:

  5. Too funny! It seems the whole craze is starting to take a Darwinian turn… I mean, take a stumble with one of those hanging near your jugular and you won’t need the rapture.

  6. Wearing of devotional jewelry isn’t that unusual in many faiths.  These are a lot less tacky than than some bits of Christian jewelry I’ve seen, and insofar as they *are* bought as something to remind folks of their beliefs, vs. “Passion Chic,” I don’t have that much trouble with it.

  7. Devotional jewelry? Forget dressing up like the devil, let me just walk into the theatre with some goat hooves and a machete tied around my neck to honor the death of these loving, innocent creatures sacrificed to the big red guy - and see how that goes over.

    Isn’t there something inherently wrong with all this devotion to his torture, rather than his life (especially for those who believe he was a real man)?

  8. this bob simeon dude has been selling nail and cross jewelry for a long time, way before the passion movie thing.  its nothing new. 

  9. Yes, Bob’s the creator of the whole “WWJD” line.  He’s been making money off Christians for a long time, and is conveniently located in the heart of TBN country… smart guy.

  10. oh come on man, you and I both know that when it comes to tacky crap, Christian merchandise takes the cake.  Don’t even get me started on those freaking t-shirts.

    -a disgruntled Christian

  11. Very tacky. Seems Christians thrive on tacky crap. Movies, music, television, it’s all tacky as hell. They have to be happy though that nails were used to put him to death, I can’t imagine Christians running around with a hang-mans noose around their necks to proclaim their love for him. I guess I should wear a downed power line around my neck to proclaim the love I have for my dead uncle.

  12. Hmmm. On further reflection I suppose it’s not any more tacky than the cross itself which is also a symbol of Christ’s torture.

  13. Hmmmm.  Given the amount of New Age bangles and beads I see around, I’m not sure I’d give Christians the nod for tacky religious crap.  Though they’re certainly in the running.

    On the other hand, tacky religious crap is in the eye of the beholder.

    As to Christians obsessing on the torturous death of Christ, the party line (as much as there is one) is that it’s a reminder of how much God loved us; a reminder of how even such a horrible death can be defeated; a reminder of what we owe our fellow humans in the way of selfless sacrifice; humility over our own sacrifices and blessings, vs. those who have died for the faith; etc.

    That said, plenty of Christians go overboard (IMO) in dwelling on the gory, nasty bits, rather than what they mean or lead to.

  14. Wearing the symbol of the cross is not to obsess about Christ’s torturous death, it serves as a reminder that He is no longer on it and no longer dead. It is a symbol of hope and faith. A crucifix, on the other hand does seem geared to remind people of His death. Alot of Christian sects unfortunately focus on fear and guilt rather than love and devotion.

  15. “If you want to get rich, try selling Earth shoes!”- God (played by George Burns) dictating a message to a money-grubbing evangelist in the movie, “Oh God!”Wonder if they’ll start selling Nick Berg swords next.

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