Liar, liar, Rumsfeld’s pants are on fire!

Gotta love it when a member of the Bush administration gets caught on national TV lying up a storm.

Rumsfeld was on Face the Nation last weekend and during the discussion he chastised his hosts for bringing up the fact that the Bush administration kept claiming Saddam was an ‘imminent threat.’ At one point an obviously annoyed Rumsfeld says, “You and a few other critics are the only people I’ve heard use the phrase ‘immediate threat.’ I didn’t. The President didn’t. And, uh, it’s become kinda folklore that that’s, that’s what’s happened. The President…” At which point he’s interrupted and asked if he’s saying no one in the administration has ever said that. Rumsfeld says he can’t speak for the entire administration so he’s then asked if the Vice President ever said it and Rumsfeld makes the fatal mistake of challenging them to provide some citations if they have them.

Which, they do. And of which, both are statements Rumsfeld made.

Wanna see it? Then just click here and watch the segment for yourself.


Watching Rumsfeld as he’s suddenly caught off-guard try to cover his ass is pretty fuckin’ funny. This clip so needs to be aired as a commercial as it speaks volumes about this administration and the people running it. It certainly put a smile on my face today.

Found via Scott’s blog.

10 thoughts on “Liar, liar, Rumsfeld’s pants are on fire!

  1. Ahh, the weapons of mass denial. Rummy isn’t the first one to be caught with his pants down. He should hook up with the former coach and cub scout leader and do their own stem-cell research.

  2. That is shit!  They could not even produce any proof of him saying it.  He may have said “Iraq” immediat. There was nothing they brought up about sadamm being immenent threat.  I dont think he was cought off gaurd by the quotes they brought up but by the way they twisted his words.  He never said what you are trying to make people think he did.  And to be honest with you he was a threat.  The world is a much better and more stable place without sadamm ruling Iraq.  The man supported terrorism.  The problems going on right now with bombings and shit in Iraq are to be expected, radical musslims diclared a Ghad on the western world (all of you blind sheep included). That is the one place were it is easy for them to blow shit up.  That is what is going on.  What will all the fuckers do next election when two bonesmen are running against each other??? Run and hide pussys eather way skull and bones wins.

  3. “[N]o terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat to the security of our people than the regime of Saddam Hussein and Iraq.”

    Rumsfeld testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee on 9/19/02.

    Interesting site. Interesting comments.

  4. I really am glad I read your post, Half. I mean, I had no clue these “musslims” were gonna declare a “ghad” on us! Holy Shit! That sounds like they’re going to do something bad to us!

  5. I get it: Jihad = G-had. Apparently reading is to hard for Half and he defaults to spelling phonetically.

  6. half,,
    not that you have to enlighten me, but what state are you from???

    just curious…

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