Is Microsoft providing SCO with funds to pursue their Linux lawsuits?

According to an article titled SCO: Leaked e-mail a ‘misunderstanding’ at CNET it looks like they might be.

SCO acknowledged the memo but dismissed both the author’s and Raymond’s conclusions. BayStar Capital’s $50 million investment in SCO wasn’t due to Microsoft’s participation, said Blake Stowell, a spokesman for Lindon, Utah-based SCO.

“We believe the e-mail was simply a misunderstanding of the facts by an outside consultant who was working on a specific unrelated project to the BayStar transaction, and he was told at the time of his misunderstanding,” Stowell said, reading from a statement. “Contrary to the speculation of Eric Raymond, Microsoft did not orchestrate or participate in the BayStar transaction.”

SCO’s blanket dismissal of the leaked memo as the mistaken assumptions of an independent contractor doesn’t explain several parts of the letter which seem to indicate knowledge of Microsoft’s involvement in SCO’s investment search, however.

For example, the memo states that Microsoft apparently wanted to use private investments in public companies to help fund SCO.

“Microsoft also indicated there was a lot more money out there, and they would clearly rather use Baystar ‘like’ entities to help us get significantly more money if we want to grow further or do acquisitions,” the leaked memo stated.

Honestly, considering all the noise Microsoft has been making about how Linux is “dangerous” would it really surprise anyone if they were trying to find an inobvious way to help SCO stay afloat so they can continue trying to sue the hell out of everyone?

Not that these cases are progressing all that well as of yet. In addition to SCO’s suits several of the folks being sued have filed counter-suits including IBM, Novell and Red Hat and in the IBM suit the judge has recently ordered that SCO reveal the specific source code that they claim is in Linux that gives them claim to ownership.

My what a tangled web we weave…

1 thought on “Is Microsoft providing SCO with funds to pursue their Linux lawsuits?

  1. SCO is evil. I pray they don’t prevail in the courts. Their case has no technical or legal merit yet you never know how federal judges will rule. I say Linux community can rip out/re-write any possible offending SCO-tainted code from the kernel and move on without worrying about future idiocy from vile greedy M$-tool SCO.


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