Harry Potter Sirius Black Prison Work Shirt

I’m just enough of a Harry Potter geek that I may have to get me one of these Harry Potter Sirius Black Prison Work Shirts.

Expensive as hell, but still pretty damned cool.

Update: And as long as I’m talking about Harry Potter I’ll mention that the official movie poster has been released from the folks at Warner Bros.. Gonna have to get me one o’these as well.

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Sirius Black Prison Work Shirt

  1. I agree the prison shirt is sharp but I like the wanted poster tee shirt better. (2x if anyone wants to make an old lady happy).  Just kidding

  2. Hey Les & Momma, I’ll see what I can do for you, since you’re big fans… and my paychecks carry that WB shield. :-D

    The new HarryPotter.com site is scheduled to launch on Thursday, and it looks AWESOME!  I spent more than a few hours yesterday going through it and testing everything, and will likely spend much of next week doing the same.  You’re going to love it!  Once again, however, it’s definitely a site meant for broadband users more than dialup… which sorta sucks.

  3. Damn, that would be ridiculously sweet.

    Looking forward to the new WB site. Both Momma and I have broadband so we should be able to see it OK.

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