Guy who turned in Ohio sniper suspect had to call police 12 times.

Now this is just stupid. The guy who spotted the Ohio sniper suspect, Charles McCoy Jr., spent hours making repeated calls to the authorities before the police finally came out and arrested the suspect.—News: Man had to call police repeatedly

On the tapes, a determined Conrad Malsom can be heard beseeching 311 and 911 operators to send officers to apprehend highway sniper suspect Charles McCoy Jr.

“This is most important. I’ve been turned down by 911 because this is not life-threatening. I’m parked next to the Ohio beltway murderer. The shooter, the sniper’s car here in Las Vegas,” Malsom said in a call placed at 11:35 p.m. Tuesday.

“Mmm-hmm,” the operator replied.

“Don’t transfer my call, please,” Malsom said.

Though dispatchers transferred Malsom’s calls to a recording, or to the department’s 311 nonemergency line, or to a different police division, the dispatchers followed established policies, Young said.

“Maybe we need to rethink our policies. This was truly an emergency, but it was an exception to the rule,” Young said. “We usually don’t have citizens out tracking down fugitives.”

Gee, ya think?? This poor guy first contacted police at 1:45PM and the arrest didn’t happen until 2:45AM the next day. They’re lucky this guy didn’t give up.

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