Full trailer for “Van Helsing” hits the net.

The movie Van Helsing is looking like it could be a lot of fun. Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale (she’s a cutie) both seem to be establishing themselves pretty solidly as action movie stars. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

3 thoughts on “Full trailer for “Van Helsing” hits the net.

  1. I’m hoping it’s good.  LXG preview sucked me in, but I just couldn’t stay interested in it, even though the effects looked pretty good.

  2. Looks fairly zesty, but I’m guessing I’ll always prefer the ultra-campy Coppola ‘Dracula’ (Keanu and all.)
    BTW, Transylvania is the birthplace of Unitarianism.  I always wondered if the progressivism of that movement may have had something to do with the regions’ rep as Satan’s boudoir.
    (Or maybe it was just Liz Bathory’s legend as a blood chugger, whatever.)

  3. Yeah, the trailer’s CGI looked like total shit. I guess I’m not really a big digital fan, anyway…mostly ‘cause of The Hulk…

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