Former coach, Cub Scout leader convicted of molesting boys.

The hypocrisy never ends. A former boys’ baseball and soccer coach and Cub Scout leader who had his own copy of the Ten Commandments on the front lawn of his home has been convicted of molesting four 9 year-old boys and is facing a seven year prison sentence.

STLtoday – News – Metro East

Bruce A. Hafner, 41, pleaded guilty in December to four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse against four boys, all of whom were 9 when the abuse occurred in 2001 and 2002.

Hafner, who now lives in Farmington, Mo., apologized in court Wednesday to his victims and their parents, promising that he would never abuse a child again. He said he had focused his attention on his wife and their three children since his arrest in August 2002.

Hafner also suggested that the victims and their families look to Jesus for help in healing.

‘Cause ya know, that whole Jesus thing did such a good job of keeping Hafner on the straight and narrow.

Oh, that’s right. There technically isn’t a commandment that reads Thou shalt not sexually abuse small children. But wait, it gets better:

“I just want to let you know that I truly regret what happened,” he said in a short statement to Circuit Judge Ann E. Callis. “I’ve gone through a lot of treatment. I have a lot of guilt and shame for these kids.”

Hey buddy, how about a little guilt and shame for yourself? I’m sure the kids will be dealing with their own guilt and shame in therapy for years to come without you giving them any more.

I’m willing to bet he meant to say that he feels a lot of guilt and shame over what he did to these boys, but sometimes those Freudian slips are very telling.

But Kyle Napp, the Madison County assistant state’s attorney who handled the case, said it was impossible to predict whether Hafner would reoffend. Napp suggested that Hafner was less than honest with himself and the court about what he had done and how he would rehabilitate himself.

“You can’t turn to God and use him as a cover for all you’ve done,” Napp said. “This man had the Ten Commandments on his lawn, and the whole time he was inside his house molesting little boys.”


Napp cited one victim who went on a trip with Hafner’s family to Branson, Mo. At the hotel, Napp said, Hafner slept in one bed with the victim while his wife slept in the other bed with the couple’s son.

The victim later reported that Hafner had fondled him during the trip, Napp said.

Can I please get a “What the fuck?!?” Thank you! I’m assuming Hafner’s wife has had a lobotomy or something.

Oh by the way, this guy could serve as little four years out of the seven he’s been sentenced for. Folks in Farmington, Missouri you might want to mark your calendars.

6 thoughts on “Former coach, Cub Scout leader convicted of molesting boys.

  1. Nothing short of castration by using the binding from an old bible would be good for this guy. Or maybe listening to Celine Dion records for a whole week straight. Either way it’s all too humane for him. . .

  2. Makes you long for a little justice, Old Testement style, doesn’t it? At the very least, it would be adultery, so he’d get stoning.

    Please don’t make the mistake of saying that because he said he is Christian, he is a Christian. Or worse, that because someone claims to be a Christian, they are capable of following all the teachings. That’s what grace is all about. But grace does not absolve anyone of all consquences..

  3. I forgot, which of the Ten Commandments forbids fondling boys? I suppose you might try to stretch the adultery commandment that far …

    I think some people need more commandments than others. Perhaps there were? What if clergy abuse went back in time before the Catholic Church, before the common era? Maybe a priest found it convenient to lose a scroll or two. What might they have said?

    Thou shalt not fondle, nor molest, nor sexualize, nor exploit those who are within thy power. Neither thy children, nor thy neighbor’s children, nor thy man servant, nor thy maid servant, nor thy stenographer. For if though dost commit such abominations, I, the Lord thy God, shall not hold thee guiltless, and I shall smite thee with boils and whither thy privates, and thou shalt be cast out from the tabernacle and all the people shall cast stones upon thy groin until thou shalt die, and thus shall the land be purified, and I shall reign among thee, and thou shalt rejoice, for the fondlers and molesters of children shall not be among thee. (2nd Deuteronomy 3:69)

    Who knows, maybe it will turn up in some long suppressed documents, buried in a cave in the occupied territories … this would truly dissapoint men who are members of both The Promisekeepers and NAMBLA.

    Fighting creeping fascism one HTML tag at a time.

  4. Have no fear, when he does get convicted, he is in for four years of the worst kind of hell any ‘Christian’ can imagine.

    My mother was the first female prison guard ever hired in the state of Illinois 18 years ago, so growing up, I didn’t hear the ‘usual’ bedtime stories.

    I do know however that inmates have their own code of justice on the inside, and child molesters are the lowest of the low. He will be bent over a barrel, repeatedly, before it’s all said and done.

  5. Adultery includes any sex with someone you’re not married to. No need to stretch, no need for additional rules. However, it’s interesting to note that you have to take into account Hebrew culture of the time. Boys and girls were married by arrangement at 13 or so. By the time any sexual desires started, folks were already married. So literally, in the commandment verse, it is to have sex with another’s spouse. However, it’s also taken to mean any sex outside marriage, since this concept is supported repeatedly throughout the Bible. Kind of interesting when you try to apply it to today’s culture.

    Christians can

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