For my SEB

Because he wanted me to write him a penis Haiku:

Summer’s heat stiffens-
Mighty rod of manly depth.
Forceful moans echo.

*Note:  Always check with Eric to make sure syllable count is correct, doe!

10 thoughts on “For my SEB

  1. I found you through a BlogSnob ad and wanted to say that this is the most interesting Blog I’ve come across in quite some time… maybe ever.  I like it - I’m adding you to my Blogroll:)

  2. Interesting, but I though a haiku was 5-7-5?

    How about:

    A flaccid member.
    Hanging wrinkled scrotal bag,
    looks like elbow skin!

    Sorry I am tired and at that point where everything seems funny.

  3. Very impressive guys.
    Now you’d think if I could write anything, I could write a penis haiku…..

    I got nothin!

  4. Awe Man Eric You busted me… it’s 5-8-5… gosh damned it… I miscounted syllables being silly yesterday… okay time to fix it.

  5. BTW nice Haiku Eric! Much, much more creative than mine:-)

    Substituting Muscle with Depth seemed to work to conform to the 5-7-5 mechanism.

  6. For the record I didn’t ask her to write me a penis haiku, I merely tried to add a line to one of her haikus along the lines of “I have a happy penis” and she mistook that as a request for a penis haiku.

    Still, it’s a lovely haiku as is Eric’s and I’m quite proud to have it on SEB. Hmmm. May have to try writing one myself.

  7. Oh, oh… I misunderstood!  Okay, Lesley darling of my life, how about this one then:

    Raining milky tears:
    I have a happy penis.

  8. I came across this clever bit of Limeraiku yesterday and remembered having seen an SEB enry involving some haiku. Well this is 5-7-5, and there ends the similarity to the material in the thread.

    Above ground roars sound
    A droning buzz that just was
    Too loud to be drowned

    Gates of Hell did swell
    Hordes of bugs, high as on drugs
    Came out of their shell

    Raucous their caucus
    Reverie sans referee
    Loudly they mock us

    Sounds of cicadas
    When they mate is ugly. Bug
    We smoosh. Cruel, fate is

    When under my feet
    On the street a bunch I crunch
    Their sound becomes sweet

    Will be pissed that I deny
    Them subjects they’ve missed

    Found at

    Check out the bottom of that page for some Serene Japanese Computer Messages.

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