Dr. Gary Schwartz is at it again. Claims proof of the afterlife.

The news article Yahoo! News – Scientist Claims Proof Of Afterlife caught my attention for obvious reasons so I checked it out to see what it had to say. Anytime a scientist claims to have proven something considered supernatural I’m more than ready to take a look at what they have to say.

Turns out the news article is about a “scientist” who is pretty well-known to skeptics: The University of Arizona’s Dr. Gary Schwartz, who has never met a paranormal phenomena he couldn’t prove. Here’s some of what the news article had to say:

This reading is part of a science experiment—Dr. Gary Schwartz, of the University of Arizona, is observing.

The Harvard-trained doctor looked for what he calls hits and misses, or the accuracy of the reading.

He’s building on his hypothesis that there is life after death, and that mediums can talk to those who have died. After Vettore’s daughter is contacted, Dubois contacted Vettore’s brother and mother. She is able nail facts, giving details about the relations that she could not have known beforehand.

For instance, Dubois tells Vettore that her mother knows there’s a carrot cake and a bowl of peanuts in her house.

“None of those things do I ever have in my house. I have those things in my house this month, carrot cake and peanuts, so that was weird,” said Vettore.

The accuracy is amazing to Vettore, because she had never met or talked to Dubois before. She said Dubois was accurate in 80 to 90 percent of everything she said.

Yes folks, it’s more of the classical talking-to-the-dead claptrap made popular again by the likes of Sylvia Browne and John Edward. Interestingly enough Schwartz was mentioned recently in another capacity over on the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) website in regards to an article Newsweek did on the JREF Challenge when Randi was asked for someone who disagreed with him and for someone had been tested for the JREF prize. Here’s Randi’s commentary from the site:

Last week’s issue of Newsweek ran a short piece on the JREF million-dollar challenge. When the reporter asked me for someone who disagreed with me, and for someone who had been tested for the JREF prize, I put her in touch with Gary Schwartz and with dowser Mike Guska. Schwartz was quoted in the article:

    Gary Schwartz, a University of Arizona professor and an expert on the paranormal, says Randi alters testing parameters. “The phenomena are very sensitive,” says Schwartz. “He doesn’t optimize conditions.”

That comment obviously means that Schwartz himself is clairvoyant, since he’s never been involved with us other than a testing process he conducted at his lab at the University of Arizona on a challenge applicant who used very obvious trickery to fool him. Luckily—though Schwartz didn’t notice it—one of the lab assistants spotted the trick and the hard evidence that proved it. My colleague Andrew Harter, who we’d sent there to observe—but not interfere or comment—also had seen it, and was relieved to see that at least the assistant had been able to spot the trick and was not under the injunction to not point it out, as Andrew was. Under pressure from his colleagues, Schwartz changed his opinion, and declared, not that the girl had been caught, but that the tests had not shown she had powers. That’s the mealy-mouthed procedure we expect. Schwartz had absolutely hard evidence that there’d been a blatant trick performed, but he chose to fuzz out that fact. Oh yes, Schwartz was also at the JREF years ago to hear our input to the design of a proper protocol for testing John Edward, too, and though he praised us for the input and said he’d use it, he decided not to when he allowed Edward to run him down like a steamroller, and blew the tests altogether. His promise to give us a set of the original data was also reneged on, but that was no surprise. Yep, he’s a winner!

What a weak, wimpy statement: “He doesn’t optimize conditions.” Untrue, not that Schwartz would know anything about that. He most certainly “optimizes conditions” like not keeping his eyes open and not maintaining security, so that he gets positive results. At the JREF we provide the very best, most agreeable, most workable conditions, for any and every claimant. As an example, for Mike Guska we bent over backwards to give him a warm-up period, we allowed him every break he wanted, we did it the way he wanted it done, and he agreed both before and after that we’d been fair and generous. Now, as if to feed Schwartz’s delusions, Guska says in hindsight that he wasn’t happy with the conditions—but that’s what every dowser, without exception, says. After failing.

Yes, Dr. Schwartz is well-regarded among fans of the paranormal as well he should be considering all the support he provides for them. It’ll be interesting to see what Randi has to say on this latest bit of news from the Schwartz camp once he catches wind of it.

21 thoughts on “Dr. Gary Schwartz is at it again. Claims proof of the afterlife.

  1. He doesn’t “optimize conditions.”  Bwahahaha.  That sounds an awful lot like “waaaah, he doesn’t stack the deck MY way.”

    Penn and Teller did a wonderful episode on “speaking with the dead” on their Bullshit! series.  The series first season is coming out on DVD soon; highly recommended.  That particular episode is worth it just to see Penn’s impassioned rant about how such self-proclaimed mediums as John Edwards really do hurt people and the memories of their loved ones.

  2. > Schwartz changed his opinion, and declared,
    > not that the girl had been caught, but that
    > the tests had not shown she had powers.
    > That

  3. How to hijack a thread:

    Randi just doesn’t understand the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal. (namedropping of well known scientific principle)

    Which as everybody knows, says that if somebody is watched too closely, they don’t perform well (misuse of aforementioned principle)

    People need to be able to believe in the things they don’t understand (Random, totally unprovable bit of crap)

    Why would there be morals, if people didn’t have faith? (illogical extension of aforementioned unprovable bit of crap.)

    Therefore, Les, there must be a God (The finale..how can you argue with it.)

    Sorry, it’s been a long day. :-p

  4. Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D. is a Professor of Psychology, Surgery, Medicine, Neurology, and Psychiatry at the University of Arizona, as well as the Director of the Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science and Director of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory.

    Dr Schwartz has conducted research into ‘afterlife’ communications with the dead by prominent mediums such as John Edward and Allison Dubois, some of which can be read about in his book “The Afterlife Experiments” (Amazon US and UK). . Prominent media skeptic James ‘The Amazing’ Randi has been a scathing critic of Dr Schwartz’s research and also those who claim to talk to the dead.

    Why serious scientists, and other serious people, ignore Mr. Randi

    Numerous individuals have emailed me recently informing me that Mr. Randi has once again, on his website, disseminated half truths [as well as explicit lies] about me and certain research mediums who have participated in serious research addressing the survival of consciousness hypothesis.

    It is time to correct Mr. Randi’s false statements about his attempt in 2001 to examine the raw data from our research purportedly so that he and his “Independent Qualified Panel

  5. Just realized this entry is the number 3 result on Google when searching for “Dr. Gary Schwartz.” I couldn’t be happier.


    You, allegedly have proof of an afterlife and, allegedly, that it is possible to accomplish healing of an electro-magnetique fieldular means…well I do not disagree with this, but there remains something beyond the discoveries what you have made.

    It is possible to controllably transmit and receive physical objects, controllably transmitted and received between the wo points o the “here and the “there”, and that the physical and phenomenal means of the transport and time travel remains something phenomenally and physically possible as well, and these types of the two things different are those physicalisms and phenomenalisms what are both of two different Thngs what phenomenally and or physically are way beyond your discoveries, and that the big bang theorie and the big crunch theories, the both of these theories are absurd as are the theories of HPERSPATIALITY and the theorie of the, alleged, HYPERDIMENSIONALISM.

    Dr. Micio Kaku is indeed not, at all, ahead of you as it is true also that the, alleged fourth dimension; dimensions more then three, the string theorie and the theorie of every-thng…the all of these theories are absurdities also, and Dr. Kaku’s theoire of every-thng as the, alleged, one inch long unified field equations, it is that one inch long theorie what is as long as his private member, but the transport between worlds is definitely impossible as well as it is that tere i sonly one universe and not, at all, parallel worlds while it is true also that there are no more then three physical dimensions while the dimensions are of the legnth, width, and the height and that “time” is not, at al, a dimensions when time is not at all the dimensional but “time” is an interval and not, at all,” durrational, and that the demensionalism is about distentialism while time” is about of hte durratinalism and the two are different while the three dimensional has two laterals as those of the inside and an outside while the two dimensional has only one lateral, but there are phenomenal and or physical facts what lie way beyond your Ph.D..

    William H. Millard

  7. well i think theres an afterlife and that contact people that are dead

    but i stongly think that it cant be done by 99.99% of these vultures who say they can and i think this crap is nothing but publicity

  8. After five more years of positive results and tests in the field, Gary Schwartz was right, the conditions need to be optimized.
    Can’t do that with water dowsing.
    But you can for metals.
    The force of dowsing can be measured and used in its simplest form for the ultimate protocol, which they (the JREF) will now find every way to avoid.
    They as an example now want 80% correct hits instead of 70%.
    I learned in the last 7 years what it would take to eliminate all interference and have a higher hit rate in a double blind test.
    One thing I found out later, probably about 7 years later, is that after I was asked to place ten cups on a spot without interference, each of the ten times I went to test the cups they where slightly moved on purpose so I couldn’t tell where the target was?

    So did they move them back onto the interference?
    The answer is yes.
    The interference was the crisscrossing of pig wire in the slab of the office.
    What I found out later is that when dowsing for gold is that it is attracted to all metals.
    No one knew this when I was told how dowsing for gold worked and I was told by my teacher that it would only attract to gold, which was wrong.

    Look for the SezMe test in the challenge for the new protocol.

  9. I watched a psychic give a reading while Randy listened and gave his conclusion that it was a cold reading. It was nothing of the sort. The psychic didn’t even ask questions of the subject.
    The psychic said her father loved roses and had a rose garden at his home before he passed over. I know of no women who has a rose garden and it’s even more unlikely I’d run into a male who loved roses and had a rose garden. That isn’t the type of statement one gives in a cold reading because the percentages are very much against a male having a rose garden. Cold readings require very general questions that can fit most anyone, yet with no questions asked to the psychic and accurate statements like this being said, Randy called it a cold reading. It’s obvious Randy will not under any conditions admit he is wrong or be willing to pay out his prize.

    I’ve also noted that if Randy can duplicate something by using trickery, he will assume the subject being tested also uses trickery. So far as contact with the dead? I feel it’s possible and likely, but we have to understand the technology to accomplish this kind of communication into other dimensions beyond the use of psychics. Eventually such communication will be easy with communication devices.

  10. @ Jerry: Without having seen this event myself I only have your account to go by. You’ll forgive me if I remain very skeptical of your claims. Surely you can provide something to back them up, especially the supposed percentages of how many males have rose gardens seeing as you claim it’s very small.

    The fact that you buy into the idea of an afterlife and the ability to talk to the dead does not inspire confidence in your conclusions.

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  14. ***FYI*** I POSTED 2ND TIME BECAUSE FIRST ONE DIDN’T SHOW BUT WHEN I POSTED 2ND TIME, THE FIRST ONE APPEARED??? Doesn’t matter to me because I’m gone but I thought I would let you know what was wrong (or not wrong) Thanks

  15. You sound like you’re trying very hard to convince yourself that you’re happy, but your words seem to indicate otherwise. That’s a shame and I’m truly sorry you haven’t found the joy you appear to be so desperate for.

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    I hope you find the peace you seem to think you’ve achieved. Perhaps then you’ll see the hypocrisy in your comments so far.

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    I’m disappointed you didn’t answer my question as it was a serious one: What is it that you think you are accomplishing with these comments?

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