Cool pic of the day: Echoes from the Edge.

Wanna see something cool? Something happening on a mind-bogglingly huge scale? Something that shows how the rest of the Universe is always changing regardless of what happens here on Earth? Then go check out the APOD for March 5th – Echoes from the Edge.

Be sure to watch the animated movie of how the light echoes have changed. Then take a moment to ponder the sheer size of it all.

Pretty cool, eh?

7 thoughts on “Cool pic of the day: Echoes from the Edge.

  1. Don’t get too used to pictures like those. It won’t be long and Hubble will gone and they won’t fix it. Of course, this still could be the result of our shuttles exploding too.

    At least some of our robotic probes are still going…

  2. I’m surprised no one has told you that god made them yet. I post pics from hubble and the god made them crowd shows up. Beautiful though isn’t it? I love space.

  3. 6 light-years in diameter, in about 8 months…that’s a pretty big bang for your buck!
    That’s the sort of thing that makes my day. I’m another sucker for gorgeous pictures of space-stuff.
    Beautiful :dance:

  4. If 6 light-years in diameter in 8 months is true, that would mean that the material was traveling faster than the speed of light…

    Ok, from what I can see from the text under the picture, the “shell” was already there before the explosion. That makes more sense…

    Still, very cool!

  5. That pic is of da hook…we need stop fight …and build a big ass base on the moon and beam the power from solar cells back to earth and move on the mars. The pwr from Moon could power the whole planet and we would not have to depend on DIRTY OIL!

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