“Century City” premiered last night…

… did anyone manage to catch it? I actually intended to, but as per usual I managed to completely forget that it was supposed to start last night and I’m curious what others thought of it.

If you haven’t heard about it, Century City is a new legal drama series from CBS not unlike many others currently on the air, but with one major twist: it’s set in the year 2030. The idea is they’re looking at coming advances in medicine, science and technology and then trying to think of possible lawsuits that could come up as a result. For example, the blurb for the premiere last night reads:

    A young boys father wants the right to use the boyҒs genetic embryo clone to develop a baby who could donate a portion of his liver to save him. The firm also takes on the case of a boy band that is suing its lead singer for not adhering to his contract to keep up his physical appearance.

The next episode coming up this Saturday will deal with a young man who has a bionic eye who isn’t allowed to play baseball because he’s considered to be enhanced rather than disabled.

I’m normally not all that interested in most legal dramas, but when you add this sci-fi element in it does become a bit more appealing to me. So if you managed to catch it and have an opinion on it let me know in a comment what you thought of it. It’ll help me to decide whether to catch it on Saturday when the next episode airs.

1 thought on ““Century City” premiered last night…

  1. I just watched the pilot episode (thanks, TiVo!) and wasn’t that impressed.  The story was interesting as was the incorporation of technology elements and themes, but it wasn’t quite as engaging as I’d hoped.  I liked seeing Hector Elizando as the legal patriarch, plus B.D. Wong and David Paymer as a guest stars—the rest of the cast was rather bland and including some L.A. Law archetype characters with the usual expository scenes to set up their backgrounds.  I guess I was expecting more, but in the end, I was just too disappointed to set up a season pass.  You should check it out and see for yourself, though.

    Sidenote… I’m looking forward to The D.A., another mid-season replacement.

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