Casshern movie trailer looks wicked.

I have no idea what this movie is about, but it looks wicked as hell and the site for it is pretty cool too. I’m assuming it’s Japanese, but I haven’t verified it. Either way, go check out the trailer for C A S S H E R N . C O M. With any luck, we’ll see it stateside someday.

11 thoughts on “Casshern movie trailer looks wicked.

  1. I just watched it. It looks very cool but I couldn’t read the story info due to that whole language issue. Very nice imagery.

  2. As much as I hate subtitles (And you know I do Les) I would probably see this if it comes here.

  3. Casshern is actually based on the popular anime film and t.v series Cashan The Robot Hunter. I know that the name “Casshern” is spelled differently than “Cashan” but that’s the truth behind this cool wicked movie. I’ve just seen the trailer on the Japanese website and it rocks. When this movie is finally released here in the states I’m going to go buy it. That also makes me wonder if they’ll make Vampire Hunter D movie?

  4. I can’t get the trailer to load for some reason, but here is what the “Introduction” says in Japanese. This is a rough translation:

    Humas are born with Ego and lust.
    As a result, friction occurs with their environment, resulting in
    multitudes of conflict, be it between parent and child, siblings, friends, lovers, or countries.

    The scale might differ, but conflict itself is unending.
    This is why the history of humanity is the history of battle.

    “Why do people fight?” - The movie takes this universal theme and gives it entertaining treatment in a movie that is at once new at liable to bring on a sense of deja-vous.

  5. OK, got the trailer to load. It’s basically about a boy and his dog. They go on a great adventure through rural Japan, connecting with his old family and affirming the values of friendship and harmony.

    Just kidding.

    It’s an alternate history where the world is divided into two great Empires, that of the West and that of Asia. Some Japanese scientist, whose wife is sick,  invent a new kind of cell that can be injected or swallowed or something that makes people close to immortal, or as was repeated twice or so: “No longer human.”

  6. Ben, thanks for the info on what this is based on. I’ll definitely have to check and see if the anime series is available here in the U.S. yet.

    Zach, thanks for the translation. Now I know who to go to when I need help with Japanese text.

    Haven’t heard from Hairboy yet, wonder if he’s already familiar with this one.

  7. The movie is about a post apocalypic war between robots, super humans (called Shinzo Saigo), and goold ‘ole fashioned japanese people. The pollution from the war BEFORE the current war caused a disasterous plauge, and a doctor trying to save his wife makes a medicine that can basically turn you into an unstoppbable, invincible force. The government ends up using this serum to make super-soldiers, shit hits the fan, and we all walk away with a rad movie. Any questions?

  8. Just one: When is the damned thing going to be released in American theaters so I can get my geek on?

  9. You guys can recheck the website again… they have the story line in English now… but yeah the trailer is still in Japanese.
    It was derived from a Japanese Manga Series in the Seventies…

  10. i bought this DVD around february at an Asian movie stand at a neearby mall. the movie is about a war going on and this doctor’s wife is dying. he finds these cells of an extinct human race that allow limp and organ replacement with no chance of possible rejection. meanwhile, this scientist’s son join’s the current war (against his father’s wishes) and is killed in battle. back in the lab the scientists are growing spare body parts in a giant vat. lightning strikes and something weird happens. the vat starts creating entire living beings!!!!! they attack the lab. most are killed, but some escape. the ones who escape start a war against the world and the kid that died in battle get’s his body shipped home. his dad puts his dead son’s body in the vat and his son comes back to life and saves the day. i wont ruin the rest for you, but it’s an amazing movie.

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