Call me Chrome Dome.

Mr. Chrome Dome
So I’ve got a wedding to go to tonight, one of my long-time friends (20+ years) is finally tying the knot, and I want to shave my head because my hair hasn’t grown out all that much from the last time I shaved it so it’s looking a little goofy and I need to trim up my beard a little anyway. Normally Anne will take the barber’s shears to my head and then drag a razor across it for me, but time is a little short today and I’ve managed to do the first half on my own last time so I thought I’d try both of them today. The second half of which can be tricky if you don’t have eyes in the back of your head.

Which I don’t. In case anyone was wondering about that part.

I’ve never tried to shave by feel alone before, but I think I did a pretty good job and managed to keep the nicks down to a minimum. I had a pretty good one on the right side of my head that I thought would be visible when I was done, but it seems to have faded from view already and overall I felt pretty good about the job I did. Hopped into the shower to get cleaned up and when the water hit my head I realized I had a few more nicks than I first thought. Ouchies. As you can see in the pic to the right I did a decent job, though I didn’t consider the location I choose to take the pic in front of and the unicorn’s mane on the tapestry behind me makes me look like I have this big hunk of hair hanging off the back of my head. And a horn sticking out of my temple. Oh well.

16 thoughts on “Call me Chrome Dome.

  1. You dun good but I think that hunk of hair and the horn seem to add a little class to the potrait.  I think if your hair were that color and not dirty blonde that you could really benefit from that type of look!

  2. What expensive photoshop plugin did you use on the main site pic, cos I always thought you looked kind of benign in that one, then whenever I see a pic of you elsewhere I nearly jump out of my skin.  I only ask as being a 40 something baldy myself and hardly what you could call petite (or even pleasant)I could do with some of that “reducing the fear” filter myself.

  3. les,
    i know you said you were not a sports fan but you remind me a little of a former nfl guy named joh matusak.  (oakland raiders)

  4. You look like you did a fine enough shaving job, but the tapestry behind you gives the impression of a golden, flowing mullet.
    Ever consider a sideline in the country music business?

  5. Les, welcome to the “shave-by-touch” world of those of us who try to shave the back of our thighs—without our contact lenses in.

  6. Long time reader (mostly RSS), first time poster…

    I suppose this may be a somewhat personal question, but, why do you shave your head?  Is it easier?  I’ve warned my wife a number of times:  If I start losing my hair(s), I’m just shaving them all off.

    It looks good.

  7. Hey Geekmom—
    No kidding!
    Try shaving your legs before you’ve had your morning cup o’ joe—
    my ankles look like Jim Caviezel’s back!
    Ouch—And I can’t even blame the Jews!

  8. Rob, Rob, Rob—some of us ARE Jews and have hair so tough, the spa lady has to hold on to the tweezers with two hands to pull just one hair out.  The Epilady was invented FOR the blond-haired goyim.
    Not for us Hairy Chosen People of Ashkenazi Ancestry.

  9. Thanks GeekMom…I have found a sister of the Hairy Chosen People…we’re going to need defoiliating if we want to get into those short, short skirts Brock says we’re going to have to wear! :giggle:

  10. DaveR, it’s funny you should ask as many of my friends in real life seem to think the pic used in the SEB logo is creepy. Truth is it’s all in the expression. Well, I did use a little of the old “warm lighting” filter in Photo Impact for the SEB logo pic.

    Randall, no idea who he is, but I’ll look him up. I’ve already mentioned how I seem to remind people of all sorts of different folks and categories of people. One thing is true, I’m a hard face to forget. Probably because I haunt people’s nightmares. It only takes a few trips to the same restaurant before they know me by name.

    Maryh, I can’t stand C&W music for the most part, but if the money’s right I’m willing to fake it. I do come from a long line of rednecks.

    Super Geek, I shave my head so I can wear my hats without getting hat hair. I also have a receding hairline, though not so bad yet that shaving is preferable. If you dig around on SEB or check out the photo album link to the left you’ll find pics of me with hair. It’s also very liberating not having to worry about shampooing in the morning or taking a comb with me.

    Plus, once the hair has reached peach-fuzz growth it becomes irresistible to all the women in the area who just have to rub your head when they see it. And that feels nice.

  11. Oh yeah, I love the peach-fuzz length.  Or just a little bit longer on my hubby’s head and he feels like one of those ultra-plush stuffed animals.  Finest Kind.

  12. Shampooing and other hair care does tend to suck up a fair amount of time.  I don’t think the wife would let me go for it though. 

    By the way, this is one of the more interesting and entertaining blogs I’ve come across.  Good stuff!

  13. Some women like it, some don’t. My wife thinks I look cute with a shaved head and she also loves the peach-fuzz phase. Particularly against her chest.

    Which makes for some fun evenings at times.

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