Astronomers discover new ‘planetoid,’ astrologers immediately start spewing bullshit over what it means.

As if we needed any more proof that Astrologers just make shit up as they go along, there’s this news article from that quotes the comments of three different astrologers on the recent discovery of the planetoid named Sedna and what they think it means for astrology. Reading through the article I was amused more than once by what these three ‘professionals’ had to say.

For example, Jane Ridder-Patrick of the Scottish School of Astrology seems to prefer the cautious approach in that she not only takes great pains to emphasize that it’ll be years before astrologers will come to any serious conclusions about the significance of this new find, but she points out that astronomers aren’t even decided on if this new object is a true planet. Funny, I didn’t think astrologers were dependant on astronomers to tell them what heavenly objects play a role in astrology. She goes on to suggest that clues to Sedna’s significance, if it has any, might be found in studying “the mythology of the Inuit sea goddess it is named after.”

Meanwhile Anna Estaroth of The Astrology Centre in Edinburgh doesn’t hesitate to start offering up questionable opinions on what the significance of Sedna will be. She starts off by jumping on the fact that the planetoid has been named after the Inuit sea goddess, which Jane mentioned, and uses that as a launch pad to tie this new planetoid in with concerns over sea conservation and the fishing industry. She also notes that it’s likely anyone born on the day Sedna was discovered will “have plenty of potential for enjoying sea life and a depth of intensity and emotional understanding too.” Wow, that’s just spooky. All of that from the name alone.

Finally Morelle Smith, astrological consultant and past Chairperson of the Scottish Astrological Association, starts off on a cautious note similar to Jane’s comments, but then quickly decides to drop all of that ‘findings in due course’ nonsense and start offering up speculation that this new find somehow represents the “interconnectedness of the whole planet.” She then follows up with the ‘bad side,’ suggesting a link to unpredictable terrorist attacks as well as climate and ecological changes brought on by man’s abuse of the planet, but on the ‘good side’ she finds “we have contacts, communication and relationships with people from parts of the world” which she admits is due to the rise of the Internet. Not sure how that connects into the discovery of Sedna, but then astrology has never made a lot of sense to me.

So let’s see here. We have one person saying “too soon to say. It could be significant or it might not be significant, but we’re waiting on the astronomers to let us know.” One person saying “it’s all about the sea goddess and the love of sea food.” And a third saying the significance is either “interconnectedness” or “unpredictable terrorists” or “climate and ecological disaster” or “communications and relationships” or possibly even the “Internet.” Or maybe all of those things. Or maybe all of those things are because of the Internet. Or something.

That last nutcase… err… astrologer was a little hard to follow. Still, funny shit.

4 thoughts on “Astronomers discover new ‘planetoid,’ astrologers immediately start spewing bullshit over what it means.

  1. This raises the question - why didn’t astrologers predict the discovery?
    Also, any astrological predictions made before the discovery should be less “accurate” *snorts in derision*
    It’s amazing how ridiculous astrology is - Pluto supposedly has an influence, yet it’s moon Charon doesn’t. Charon is quite large compared to Pluto.
    Oh, and don’t get me started on the difference in gravitaional pull between a midwife and a planet - my favourite question in my old physics textbook :chuckle:

  2. My favorite thing to do is take a horoscope reading and then take the exact opposite.  Nobody who writes a horoscope is going to put anything in it that they wouldn’t say to anybody else (or that anyone wouldn’t accept as true of themselves).

    For example:  here’s mine today from Yahoo!:
    There is considerable grumpiness in the air today, dear Aquarius! Everyone you know seems to be in a bad mood. However, you have the charm and persistence to pull them out from under that black cloud. Pay attention to any social invitations you receive, as you are likely to make some important professional contacts there.

    Let’s try this instead:
    “There is considerable grumpiness in the air today, dear Aquarius! Everyone you know seems to be in a bad mood. However, there is nothing you can do about it, as you are not charming enough and you give up too easily anyway.  You can safely blow off any social invitations you receive, as there will be no point in meeting anybody today.  Nobody there will be worth your time.”

  3. Whenever I read about ‘new discoveries’ in space, it always makes me thinks about the astrologist… Like that time they discovered the 13th sign of the zodiac, Ophiuchus

    The fact that it is completely ignored suggests more of a credebility gap that any ‘Prediction’ I’ve ever heard

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