Anthropologists release statement condemning gay marriage ban amendment.

Seems the folks at the American Anthropological Association not only disagree with President Bush’s call for a Constitutional amendment to define marriage as purely a heterosexual institution, but they’re pretty critical of his ignorance of what anthropology has to say on the issue. Specifically they’re saying he’s talking out of his ass when he claims that the institution of marriage as heterosexual-only is fundamental to civilization.

Scientists counter Bush view / Families varied, say anthropologists

“The results of more than a century of anthropological research on households, kinship relationships and families, across cultures and through time, provide no support whatsoever for the view that either civilization or viable social orders depend upon marriage as an exclusively heterosexual institution,” said the executive board of the 11,000-member American Anthropological Association.

Bush has cast the union between male and female as the only proper form of marriage, or what he called in his State of the Union address “one of the most fundamental, enduring institutions of our civilization.”

American anthropologists say he’s wrong.

“Rather, anthropological research supports the conclusion that a vast array of family types, including families built upon same-sex partnerships, can contribute to stable and humane societies,” the association’s statement said, adding that the executive board “strongly opposes a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual couples.”

Bush has already demonstrated that not only is he ignorant of science, but is willing to manipulate scientific data as well as stack the deck on scientific panels with people who support his political viewpoint so this probably shouldn’t come as any big surprise. It doesn’t help that the level of science literacy in this country is pretty piss-poor these days leaving your average American as ignorant to the truth as President Bush is and that definitely works in Bush’s favor on these hot topic issues. When people don’t know even the basics about science, let alone history, it leaves the powers to be to make shit up as they go along as long as it sounds good to the majority of voters.

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  1. you gotta admit though….it’s at least a little bit better than the 50’s to the 80’s when the christian scientists were trying to ban, and did in some states, evolution in the classroom

  2. What do you mean “in the 50s to the 80s?” They’re still trying to ban it, or at least dilute it. The forces behind Creationism have redubbed their efforts as “Intelligent Design Theory” and are pushing it in school systems in just about every state even now. Right here in Michigan they’re trying to get it into the school system. They haven’t stopped, they’ve just dressed it up in new clothes.

  3. Bush is an Asshole.  Not a new revelation for most of us.  Please someone save us from ourselves… may the election bring relief from fearful ignorant bigotry and warmongering bullshit artists!  One more reason to go back to bed and never get out again.  I so hate the world today.

  4. Great read!

    Bush really really scares me. The thought of him being elected for another term frightens me to no end. I no doubt plan on picking up my absentee ballot when I go home to visit this month and make sure to do my part in getting him the hell out of office. I fear for the future of the US otherwise.

  5. Hey, we SHOULD be fair… how about creation theory from the Hindi point of view, I’m sure Scientologists have got pretty strong views as to the beginning of it all and what about Muslims, should we ignore their beliefs.
    I think we should set the following criteria:
    Any theory that falls back on any of the follow defenses are out.
      - My ancient book tells me so.
      - A ‘Mystical voice’ told me.
      - You just have to have faith.
      - You don’t believe so you can’t understand.
      - And defense that uses the words “Mysterious Ways”

  6. Ok fair is fair.

    Science develops demonstrable theories about how things happen. Until science gets to the ultimate why, which I don’t see happening soon, keep the science in science courses, and keep the why in courses of religion, comparative religion and philosophy.

  7. VernR, aids is a terrible sickness, death is a tragedy, birth is beautiful, nature is EVERYTHING(inner space and outer space)and we know so little about it. spirituality is also a greatly unknown subject.
    The fact that some people in the world try to dictate what we SHOULD BELIEVE does not necessarily make it true or right….which brings me to the famous “WHY”.
    Humans might be the only animals on this planet that are drawn to asking themselves the great questions of the meaning of life. But it still doesn’t mean that the question makes any sense at all.
    Men are affraid of dying and will seek comfort in anyway men can. And others knowing that fact take advantage of that. So they invented a GOD for humans alone. And if you invented a GOD for humans or if you helped…well you and your little community deserve to be the leaders of that world and get well paid or well respected for your holy findings.
    Also…people will look up to you because you seem educated and they know that they’re not.
    You start educating them the best you can and create several sets of rules defining social order and correct behaviour. Some of it is good and some of it is bad.

    Exemples:Burning women as witches in the name of God is NOT good.

    Telling people not to eat pork in times where there were no refrigerators probably was a good idea…today it’s perfectly safe.

    I mean you can take all the issues and find something good and bad about them.

    I believe is the basis of the “WHY” question.
    But in order to be successful at that you need to captivate your audience and if nobody is listening…well you just force them.

    If two people of the same sexchoose to share their lives and live together AND GET MARRIED like the rest of the world…WHO ARE YOU TO EVEN THINK THAT IT IS WRONG.
    Don’t crash their party….If you don’t agree with same sex marriages…Just don’t get married with somebody you own sex.
    And if anybody thinks that homosexuality is abnormal…well….there was always a portion of the population that was homosexual….even a long time ago….and there will be homosexuals in the future.

    It might seem abnormal at first but if you think about it…every rule has an exeption and they are the exception. Therefore it is NORMAL to have a certain portion of the population that is homosexual.
    They are not growing in number…they are not invading us and we could let them be equal.

    Thank you

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