Abercrombie & Fitch pisses of State of West Virginia.

I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t make Abercrombie & Fitch the official Stupid Evil Bastard Clothing Maker what with how they keep pissing people off. This time out it’s a T-shirt they’re selling on their website for $24.50(!!) that has a map of West Virginia on it along with the words “It’s all relative in West Virginia.”

T-Shirt Slight Has West Virginia in Arms

Gov. Bob Wise, a Democrat, contends that the shirt is a not-so-subtle play on the stereotype of West Virginia as a haven for incest. In a letter sent Monday to Abercrombie & Fitch’s chairman, Michael Jeffries, Mr. Wise demanded that the company stop selling the shirt and destroy its entire stock of it.

“By selling and marketing this offensive item, your company is perpetuating an inaccurate portrayal of the people of this great state,” Mr. Wise wrote. “Indeed, such a depiction of West Virginians undermines our collective efforts to communicate a positive representation of the spirit and values of our citizens.”

I must say that I agree wholeheartedly that this is an inaccurate portrayal of the people of West Virginia. I’ve been there personally and I’ve never noticed any obvious signs of inbreeding. Not that I was looking all that hard.

Besides, everyone knows it’s Kentucky where everything is relative, right? :devil:

16 thoughts on “Abercrombie & Fitch pisses of State of West Virginia.

  1. Interesting that the Gov. jumps to that conclusion. Yes, my mind happens to run that way, but I am sure plenty of people would look at that shirt and take it very harmlessly. No?

  2. It’s not like A&F made a shirt that said…

    West Virginia, Where the men are men, the women are scarce, and the sheep are nervous.

  3. A&F were also selling a shirt that read “Voting Is For Old People.”
    Les, before you make these guys the official SEB clothiers, you might want to consider that that may just be ass-eyed capitalist monkeys.
    My 2cents…..

  4. Nah..that’s New Zealand, not Montana.
    *ducks as N.Z. launches an attack force of Orcs & Uruk-Hai on Oz*

  5. I am from Kentucky and I have to agree…yep we are “all relative.” lol seriously thought they all come from Casey County and spread like a germ. Sick isn’t it?

  6. My fiance’ works for a news station and did a story on a new anti-WV shirt by Abercrombie & Bitch.  Once again, it is the outline of the state, this time with a male and female in an inflatable pool with the slogan ‘No lifeguard at the gene pool’. I think when the company backs stereotypes such as this that their ignorance really shows.

  7. Abercrombie and “Bitch” is right.  I have lived in Miami for some years now, but am a native of West Virginia (Almost Heaven…well, yeah, there’s no doubt about that.) Not a day goes by that I don’t miss those gorgeous hills and the fantastic people that inhabit them.

    But at the same time I really don’t fret over what some mass-producing, cheesy, cheap and unoriginal company such as A & F would say about my state. Sure, it’s all relative. Just as it is all relative that they produce extremely tacky, knock-off, poorly-made garments that only appeal to the most shallow of our citizens.

    I am not even sure how this even became a “hot topic”….But rest assured, most folks in West Virginia have much more pressing issues to attend to. (making a living, for one). It’s not an easy life there, but it’s certainly much more beautiful and honorable than becoming a zombie of the material world, succumbing to the utter catatonia of such large, tasteless companies as Abercrombie and …..(what is it?)

    I have no such use for them or any other brand name in my life.  And for those of you people who claim to be so gosh-darn free-thinking……well, perhaps some of you should just re-assess that. For those of you who don’t care about labels, who truly don’t care about names, I salute you. More power to you.

    But for those of you who regularly kneel down to the Consumer powers that be…..you should never expect to find any real comfort in that.

    Many other Americans have always been so prone to pointing fingers at West Virginia for being “this or that”….redneck, racist, inbred, etc. The list goes on and on….and I am simply fed up with it.  I am a 36 year old woman who grew up quite poor, really forced to experience the roots of the Appalachian culture from a very early age. And I can tell you this much…we are a very decent people. A very scrupled culture. Our community means everything and we do help our neighbors, AS WELL AS STRANGERS. West Virginians will go out of their way to help you, whether you are family, friends or complete outsiders.

    So say or think whatever you want. But before you make a final judgement……GO TO WEST VIRGINIA! See for yourself (that is what a truly open-minded person would do, aye?)

    And I’m sure you are all truly open-minded persons? (Yeah, right. OOooyyyyy! 

  8. And on the third year the post will rise and ascend into who gives a rats ass. Those the know the truth of the post will be greeted with non-stop BBQ and whisky for eternity. For the lord said it shall be the men of Utah that shall forever marry their sisters. And they shall begot those children with no teeth.
    Or at least that’s what is in the book of hemroid.

  9. What’s really interesting about Danni’s post, more so than its content, is that it appears to be a very lengthy and clever bit of comment spam. That is if the link provided is anything to go by.

    I’m leaving the comment, but I’ll be deleting the link.

  10. This shirt was the funniest thing in high school. I didn’t get the chance to buy it while it was out there. I lived in West Virginia for 5 years and that came out my junior year in high school. The teachers who worked at my school thought it was so great that they even bought the damned shirt. Yeah WV is a great and beautiful state. The design is just from jackasses who couldn’t make it in the real world. So even though many people were offended, there were also plenty of us who thought it was dumb. I mean, let’s be real, the incest thing was born in New York. There was a whole family of about 500 people in the late 1800’s who would choose between 3 people in the family (for the night to sleep with). Everything was organized that the wealth stayed in the family up until 1920’s? I can’t remember the name right now of the family… But HA! Should’ve read some history before making the damned shirt. And Danni’s post is like spam. Very clever if you ask me.

  11. I’m from WV, and I don’t care what people have to say about it.  I WANT people to think we’re all a bunch of inbred backwoods yokels, so they won’t come live there and screw it up, like they’ve done to other states.  Stay in NY, CA, and the other “cool” places, believe me, most West by God Virginians don’t care what anyone thinks about them, and are happy with what they are and where they come from. 

    HOWEVER, think about this…if any company made any type of product making fun of blacks, Mexicans, or any other “oppressed minority” group, the shitstorm would be intense.  It’s all we’d hear about for MONTHS, and the amount of butthurt would be legendary.  So why is it OK to make fun of white rural people only?  That is the only real issue I have here…the double standards.  Make a shirt making fun of everyone, not just conservative, rural white people, because haven’t we beaten that dead horse enough already?  It’s sooo passe.  But who cares…RAINELLE WV REPRESENT!!!

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