12 year old girl viciously beaten at Birthday party.

Warning: Reading this news story will surely piss you off.

All because of a kiss.

Every time I think people can’t get anymore cruel and callous someone out there has to prove me wrong.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

56 thoughts on “12 year old girl viciously beaten at Birthday party.

  1. Well, you warned me but I, as usual, paid no attention and read the article anyway.  And you’re right.  I’m pissed!

    Those people need to be put down.  They are animals. 

    I’m sick to my stomach over this one.

  2. What the hell is wrong with the adult woman who encouraged this beating? Holy fuck! I want to beat her myself now. What a horrible, horrible story. The adult woman better get in some serious trouble for this. I too am pissed off.

  3. Now, now, Brock.  Let’s not get nasty.  They probably didn’t have a Bible in the house.  If they had, it obviously would have prevented all this.


  4. What a horrible way to die.

    I can’t help wondering whether the women who instigated this were drunk.  Who the hell in their right mind would do this?

  5. That’s a low-blow, Brock. There’s nothing in the article detailing anything about their religious beliefs and I’d be just as pissed about this if they were hardcore atheists as I would if they turn out to be some flavor of believer.

    Honestly, you do yourself a disservice with comments like that. I’m working under the assumption you’re a little ticked off from dealing with David and Brett in the other thread, but you can’t let those two color your views of all Christians.

  6. I read in another article that the beating lasted a half-hour.  Have to admit it didn’t piss me off as much as the article on the woman who killed 2 of her infants and put them in buckets of cement.  Or the one who refused to have an emergency C-section b/c it would leave a scar and ended up with one of her twins being stillborn.  Makes my skin crawl.

    I’d bet that when those women get locked up, there’s an ass beating waiting for them.

  7. Speaking as a German, I often wonder what makes people commit this kind of atrocity. The only answer I can come up with is not encouraging - because they can.

    Speaking as a parent, %&Q#%$E&Q^%#$&^Q%#$&*^%#@Q$!!!

  8. Yes, you’re right Les. I’m in a horrible mood these days from dealing with asshole “good people”.

    I’m sick to death of our “compassionate” president and his party getting away with destroying any chances we have of being a great nation.

    I’m tired of them sneaking dead soldiers back to America under cover of darkness and disallowing photos to be taken of the process. I’m tired of dead soldiers being hidden like a dirty little secret.

    I’m sick of lip-service Christians telling me I should have my head checked because I love another man and might someday wish to marry him.

    I’m sick of them dressing up hate and bitterness in the same pretty clothes they wear to church on sunday, then coming home and watching The Passion of the Christ so they’ll feel the Lord moving them to crucify those they hate and do not try to understand.

    I’m tired of people in positions of power using that power to commit corrupt acts of self service.

    I’m tired of rednecks watching WWF Wrestlemania and thinking that looks cool to do to another person.


    It was an overwhelming desire to stab at those who hate others before they even know them, and it was callous. I’m sorry, but I am so very very tired of it all, too.

  9. This is just baffling.  And one of the women encouraged a 7 year old boy to join in?? Wha….???
    I’m too stunned to be pissed.  How can people this vile even exist?

  10. Brock,
    I know that if I say anything that comes off even remotely Christian, or nice or whatever it is that you hate so much about us Christians you might explode or something. But honestly, you yourself sound like you have just about 0 love for anything and maximum hate towards almost everything, all you really seem to do on this page is hate. Are you at all happy? I suppose you

  11. How would it be so wrong to force criminals like this to be sterilized???
    I can’t stand the thought of them breeding, perpetuating cruelty, making sickness where there would otherwise be the potential for a good human life…
    It’s the very worst of human behaviour…I was SO angry and upset to read that. 

    You did warn me though.

  12. What the hell is this, I just don’t understand people. My only guess on this would come from a ‘gangsta’ type angle, that ‘We only do head shot’ comment. But even still, she was 12 year old. My god. people disgust me.

  13. What in the would possess people to do this shit! and where the hell were the parents when all this took place!!! It is people like this that make me all for stoning!

  14. Nowiser

    I hope your comment that the woman who instigated this was drunk wasn’t serious. It offers an EXCUSE when there is none. This incident may not be the normal definition of child abuse but I grew up in an abusive home and the rage I have for this woman and these people is beyond words. The things I think about doing to them puts Saddam to shame. My father was not a drunk or ever drunk during anytime he beat me. He knew exactly what he was doing was wrong because he never, ever “lost his temper” in public. The thing that pissed me off the most when I was a child was the fact that there were adults that knew what was going on, (and I knew they knew) but never did jack shit. Hell, they were mostly family members, (aunts, uncles, grandparents).  Relatives can do the most about the problem but unfortunately offer EXCUSES for the abuser’s acts. They want to see the best in that person so they pretend it isn’t that bad.
    He was a victim of child abuse, which meant that my brother and I often got the worst example of a parent telling a child

  15. Firstly, I don’t knock people because of the way they are, Brett; I knock them because of the way they think and act. You may not notice, because you value those who support your belief system, but everyday - several times a day I read a story or hear a remark that suggests Christians are fed up with the lack of Christian values around them. Everyday and throughout the day I witness those who say they love yet force intolerant, damaging observations and beliefs into the minds of the gullible and the well-intentioned. I’m certain that I almost never hear followers of Buddhism or Taoism saying the types of things I hear Christ followers say. Those religions just don’t seem mean spirited - Christianity does.

    Maybe you’re right. Maybe I haven’t been very positive lately, but I do have a sense of humor. I’m not always so doom and gloom. And yes, I am quite happy when I’m allowed to be. You might actually like me if you knew me.

    You can tell me the way I am deep inside (read: gay) is wrong - I’m a social and spiritual reject. You can say this or support the religion that teaches it and think nothing of it - even feel good about yourself. To you I deserve to feel evil- incomplete - unnatural. Well enjoy your superior stance as much as you need and want to.
    I don’t want your pity, disgust or grudging acceptance. I want you and yours to back the fuck off with the heartless judgment. I want you to knock me only for what I do or think not for what I am.

  16. Brock, I can sympathize with you dude. Just wanted to point out that you were being unfair. Can’t say I haven’t been there myself.

    Brett, why is it that folks like you tend to make statements like this: “I know that if I say anything that comes off even remotely Christian, or nice or whatever it is that you hate so much about us Christians you might explode or something.”

    What is it about non-Christians that makes you think we don’t appreciate “nice” comments? For that matter, what makes you think we hate anything about “you Christians?”

    I think the religion is pointless and unnecessary and I have problems with many Christians, but I don’t hate Christians in general as I know many that I consider wonderful people who actually “get it.”

  17. Forget jail, it’s too sweet a deal. But since it truly is the only option, I do hope that women is sent straight to general population as the story obviously hit the news.

    Brett - did you even bother to read Brock’s second post? I don’t see that as “0 love for anything and maximum hate towards almost everything.” I see that as feeling worn out. I have been there. In fact I have posted comments here that are full of frustration, and I have even made sweeping generalizations which I should not have made.

    But all of the things Brock said he is tired of, I am too. And I am by no means without love and full of hate. As a white-looking heterosexual female, I can only imagine what it must be like to be told I do not deserve -and will not have- the rights of my fellow citizens. I do however, know what it is like to be constantly told I am inherently bad -worse than the average sinner- and I am going to this “hell” place. I do know what it is like to feel completely overwhelmed by the madness threatening to tear this country apart. I do know what it is like to be hated and feared because I refuse to stand with the mainstream religious cult. Sometimes it all just gets to be too much.

    Here, Here, Brock!

    Les, I am glad you pointed out that “or nice” comment.

  18. Hey Brock,

    I’m not gay so probably have no understanding of what you’ve been through and I’m an atheist (or agnostic for those who insist atheists are impossible) but your reaction towards christians is just as bad as Bush towards islam. (That’s right, I just compared to *gasp* Bush!! I hope that makes you think a bit…)

    Not all christians pass out Chick Tracts (the one I linked to was actually given to me when I was something like 7 or 8 years old by one of my friend’s mother if you can imagine. Luckily even then I was a bit critical of what I read.) and I’d say most christians are pretty darn nice and not too sanctimonious.

    If you’re really miserable, you might want to consider moving to Montreal with your boyfriend or something. I’m a Qu

  19. Pablo,

    Since when is being drunk an excuse?  I think you’ve totally got the wrong read on my position.  Drunks are completely responsible for what they do.  No one tied them down and forced them to drink.

    But alcohol IS often linked with senseless violence.  People who commit property crimes, or attack other people, are often drunk when they do so. 

    I just find it truly horrible that someone in full possession of their faculties, could stomp on an unconscious child until she was dead.  It’s just as horrible if a drunk does it, but it’s a kind of horror I understand.  It’s sad/sick/horrible.  But if alcohol wasn’t involved, that’s scary/wtf?/horrible.

    I can imagine myself doing something horrible in a drunken stupor—but I can’t even begin to conceive how someone could do something like this while sober.

  20. Brock, I just wanted to tell you that I understand your frustration completely- I feel like I’ve been going through the same thing since the last presidential election, and every time I read the news I think my head is going to explode.  The Christian right really isn’t helping things, although they’re not the only ones at fault.  Maybe the most publicly vicious, but they’re still only a part of the problem.
    And yeah, I know there are plenty of thoughtful, responsible Christians out there, but I keep running into the ones who seem sweet-natured until they drop some bomb about gay couples “making” their adopted kids gay (that’s courtesy of my sweet ol’ mom), or that the latest natural disaster is “just bringing us closer to the rapture”. (That’s from a ‘nice’ guy my husband works with.)
    Decency, anyone?

  21. Minor side note.  My mom’s a teacher.  She’s very sensitive to the child abuse issue.  And while she doesn’t run straight to the phone every time she sees a bruise, she’s got the number for children’s services on her rolodex, and she’s used it.

  22. Thanks Covie, maryh, Les and even Pepe, (though I have to say in my defense that I live with Christians everyday. Bush doesn’t live with those of the Islamic faith and probably barely has a clue about their beliefs) I know you meant what you said in a constructive way and I like what you said about the way people treat others in Montreal and I appreciate the suggestion to move there.

    I have never felt so insecure in my own country as I do now. I’ve never felt so hopeless. I may be down and disappointed but coming here is always worth my time. I don’t know of another site that I’m as proud to be associated with. Thanks for helping make it that way.

    And I sincerely hope this poor 12 year old survives.

  23. Sick. That’s almost all I can say right now.
    I echo your words exactly, Les - with emphasis, “What the FUCK is WRONG with you people?!”
    Let the punishment fit the crime. But don’t beat these people until they’re unconcious and comatose and near death…beat them until they are ALMOST near that point; we want them to fully experience it. Let them recover (however long it takes) and DO IT AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN.

  24. Point well made Pablo and I agree with you on it. Nowiser’s reaction is, however, understandable. First reaction most people have to a senseless event is to try and make sense of it. Often there’s not enough data to determine what motivations or reasons were behind an event and so we draw upon past experiences and what prompted them to try and understand. Once more details come out we’ll know the truth, but until then it’s only natural to speculate a little.

    Brock, you’ve given me the highest form of compliment I can think of and I’m grateful. When I started SEB I just thought it’d be a way to shoot my mouth off a little. Along the way I’ve met a lot of good people that give me hope that someday we might just figure all this shit out.

  25. I can only speak for myself, but the level and kind of anger and violence I am talking about does take over one

  26. What the hell kind of lives are these people living to think that doing THAT is somehow appropriate, or normal?

    The poor kids growing up in that shitty world…I really hope the poor girl makes a full recovery, but somehow I don’t think she will…justice needs to be done. No lynch mobs or revenge beatings…what’s the point in that? Just a long jail sentence.

  27. Hey, Les, I’ve already lost one excellent read within the past year. I don’t know what I would do if I lost yours too. You deserve to hear it’s worth it every so often.

    Just so you also know, your’s is the best designed site, too. And I’m talkin way better than WIL WHEATON dot NET, though no one would ever tell him that (those damn cyberstarfuckers)!

  28. Unbe-fucking-lievable.  Dollars to donuts the 36-year old woman who instigated the beating will get off on an insanity plea, simply because it’s impossible to imagine how anyone in their right mind could not only ALLOW a kid be beaten nearly to death, but actually encourage it in the first place.

    Horsewhipping the bitch in the public square would be too lenient.

  29. You know, it’s my belief that we don’t LOSE control, we GIVE IT UP because we want to.  Alcohol doesn’t remove your inhibitions; it gives you an excuse to drop them yourself.  I think anyone who is capable of doing something drunk is also capable of doing it while sober; the ones who are sober just have even less of a conscience holding them back.

    Brock, hang in there, buddy.  The tide WILL turn again, and we can help it.  I’ve been extremely heartened by the flowering of other places around the country where people are stepping forward to allow same-sex marriage.  It may take a while, and we may have setbacks, but the awareness is out there and it’s NOT going back into the bottle.

  30. Thanks GeekMom, and I have the same feelings concerning accountability. I’ve never done something drunk that I wouldn’t have done sober, given the appropriate mood. I think there’s a whole other backstory to this event, but not one that could justify it.

    As for same-sex marriage I’ve been feeling that I’m speaking too much of it, but I think it’s important, now that it’s in the public consciousness to explore all it’s aspects. I also agree that it won’t go away, now that we’ve come to this point in our sociological journey.

    I’ve also been feeling guilty, that I hijacked this post about a truly despicable act, to complain about my (our) problems. The conversation just kind of went this way but I probably shouldn’t have spoken of other things here. Mostly I wish the post about Nicole Ashley Townes hadn’t been necessary in the first place.

  31. Black, white, male, female, rich, poor, atheist, christian, or muslim, there are bad apples in all of the bunches.  Its like canned beans in a grocery store.  Many of them are made at the same place, they just have a different label.

    but if i could let me make a statement about brock’s angst with Christians.

    brock, just because someone slings out a few bible versus, says praise the Lord, goes to church, and carries a bible that does not make them (or me) a christian.

    just because a person believes in Jesus, that does not qualify them (or me) as a Christian.  According to the bible the devil/satan believes in Jesus and actually trembles at the mention of His name, but we would not call the devil a Christian.  The devil actually has a pretty good knowledge of scripture (according to the bible) but that does not give him the title of christian.

    the bible also state that satan himself can appear as a minister of righteousness but at the same time be full of darkness.

    you are right in a lot of your feelings toward Christians (even if that includes me).  It should be no surprise to anyone who knows scripture that while america claims to be 83% christian Jesus claims that only a few live that “straight and narrow path”.

    perhaps you are right about me, or anyone else that posts on this site that we are not the real deal, but like i have said before concerning money, just because there are counterfits floating around, it does not dismiss the fact that there is something real out there.

    and besides there can not be a fake unless there is a real original anyway.

    you are right there is a good chance that the kids at this party belonged to a youth group, and the lady belonged to a church choir.  but the imposters due not sway my desire and need for the real.

    Jesus warned in scripture that in the last days there would be many anti-christs.  i wont get deep but i have studied and found the word translated anti- is also sometimestranslated “in place of”.  i feel that there are many that represent christ today that try and do so with “religious duty” “good deeds” and “self-righteousness” in their lives in stead of or in place of the true christ.  if i am indeed included in that group.  then woe is me.

  32. Brock,
    I have seen many of the things in Christians that you are tired of. I have been ashamed of friends who say theyre Christians and preach bible verses shamelessly bash everyone who is different. It makes me want to smack them in hope of knocking some sense into them. This isn’t the same in every Christian but it does seem to be quite a repeating pattern. I’m with ya!

  33. Being a 14 year old this is really sick. I know a lot of people who think they could hurt someone but they would never do something like this. I have a lot of built up hate but I would never hurt another person this bad. Especially over somehting this immature.

    What I want to know is did the boy who kissed the poor girl even get said anything too. He is the one who kissed her!

  34. Thanks Gmmi Girl, I’m glad I’m not alone with my frustration of the conversion fanatics. Hang in there and try not to let them annoy you too much. It’s been said, if religion didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent it. I’m not against spirituality. I do believe we have a type of consciousness or spirit that continues after death, but I’m fed up with people telling me I have to look to someone else to award me that continuance.

    I think the women and girls who did this to this girl will suffer for it. I count on that. I just don’t know if the suffering will last long enough to change them.

  35. Oh, and Brett - there is no contradiction in what she said next, either. There is no plausible deniability that alcohol removes inhibitions, so if we voluntarily imbibe it, we have only ourselves to blame if a lapse of common sense results.

    For this reason, I have always held the opinion that drunkenness should be considered as an aggravating rather than a mitigating factor.

  36. Actually, I would argue that when you’re drunk, you’re STILL in your right mind—you’re just using it as a cover-up to do what you ordinarily wouldn’t let yourself do.  Sure, it blurs your thinking somewhat, but I don’t think it’s enough to remove inhibitions that you didn’t want to take down in the first place.


  37. I suppose Les said it best first time when he asked what the fuck is wrong with people. It’s simply unfathomable. I’m a placid person - but reading stuff like this makes me want to break out a stick and get to using it, repeatedly. What a truly depraved and despicable act this is.

  38. She’s recovering!!

    By S.A. Miller
    THE WASHINGTON TIMES March 11, 2004


  39. It’s very heartening to hear that Nicole has come out of her coma. Certainly a bright spot of news in an otherwise deplorable situation.

  40. People ask, Whats wrong with KIDS nowdays ? Well my answer is , Look where they learn from.These so called Adults in this article are animals, and should be put down. Thats what they do to animals that ATTACK CHILDREN. Also, tag the teenagers in this Attack to follow their actions, you know like they do animals.

  41. What is this world coming to? I’m a 15 year old living in a world where children are nearly killing others because of…a kiss? Thank god the little girl is getting better. Justice needs to be served to stop this from happening.
    I dealed with a similar situation a while ago concerning my younger brother who is 10. He was kicked a few times by this older and stronger slab of meat who was encouraged by his MOTHER to attack my brother! I mean wtf is going on in her mind to tell her son to beat up my little brother. Parents like these are animals and should be not allowed to take care of their children. Children are the future leaders and what will happen when they grow up with the hate that is in abusive homes?

  42. The link to the story is no longer working. Does anyone have a link to a different article on it? After reading all of your comments, I’m very curious to read what happened. Thanks!

  43. Hey Randall I just want to coment that the devil does not have a pretty good knowing of the bible he knows the bible better than anyone really.

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