Woman dies while watching “Passion of the Christ”

Seems Mel Gibson’s gore soaked homage to the last hours of Christ’s life was a little too much for a 57-year-old Kansas woman.

ClickOnDetroit.com – ENTERTAINMENT – Woman Dies After Collapsing At ‘Passion’ Screening

The publication said Scott collapsed during the last 20 minutes of the film and was transported to the hospital after two physicians tried to revive her. The paper said it was unclear whether the woman died at the theater or the hospital.

Wichita’s KAKE-TV—which was filing a report on local reactions to the film—reported that Scott collapsed during the film’s bloody crucifixion scene.

Three things will come of this: 1) it’ll push the film to higher profits, 2) someone will start selling t-shirts that say “I survived Mel Gibson’s snuff film starring Jesus,” and 3) Mel Gibson and anyone remotely connected to the movie will be sued by this woman’s estate for wrongful death.

Hmm. That t-shirt idea ain’t too bad…

27 thoughts on “Woman dies while watching “Passion of the Christ”

  1. So she gets to heaven and Jesus says, “So what did you think of the film? Personally I’m sick of all these blue eyed, blonde, white guys playing me…and if that guy was a carpenter, I wouldn’t buy a matchstick off him…never held a hammer in his life…sheesh!”

  2. is this just something unique that a peson has a heart attack during this film or is this something that happens occasionally and does not get reported??  i was at a marriage conference last spring and a guy had a heart attack there??

  3. There’s nothing particularly unique about someone having a heart attack at the movies. This is only considered newsworthy because of the film in question and the controversy over the amount of violence it depicts.

    If this were to become a trend across the nation then there might be something more to the story, but right now it’s just something that the news people and the credulous can spend a lot of time jabbering over to little effect.

  4. I am so torn the story is sad but funny. But your right there will be some kind of profit made from it—I can totally see shirts made up and worn.

    You know it U.S. is the sue capital of the world.

  5. Remember all the hoopla over people passing out during ‘The Exorcist’?  Sold a lot of tickets, as I recall.
    If nothing else, I think Mel is a marketing genius.

    I’d be willing to bet that there were random heart attacks during, say, ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ or ‘Beethoven 2’.  But of course Our Lord ‘n’ Savior wasn’t involved, so what’s the bother.

    Les, just discovered your blog and its regular commentators, and I luh-luh-LOVE it.  Keep up the fine work!


  6. Well, Les, if you really wanted to do that (piss them off), you should post on THEIR blogs (well, maybe you do but then again, I don’t figure you for a troll…

    By the way, who is Eric, and what is his relation to you/the blog? I am still getting you two confused.

    He’s you alter ego?

    Greeting from Germany,


  7. Nah, I tend to let them have their blogs to themselves. I posted occasionally to one such site on the odd occasion, a site called The Trommetter Times, where I was once crowned a “politically correct jackass” which I found highly amusing, but otherwise I tend not to bother to read too many of their sites.

    Eric is one of my best friends and his relationship to the blog is that he’s not motivated enough to start his own. Basically, Eric and I tend to think a lot alike already only I’m more inclined to shoot my mouth off on a regular basis. He doesn’t feel he’d write regularly enough to justify starting his own blog. Still, he has viewpoints and things to say on occasion that I feel are worth sharing with the folks who stop by SEB so I invited him to start contributing whenever he feels like piping up. He’s become a more or less permanent “Guest Bastard” ever since, but hardly the only guest poster I’ve ever had.

    In the past my wife has chimed in on occasion and The Minx (another best friend) popped in to help out during last year’s Blogathon. I’ve got an open invitation to yet another best friend, affectionately referred to on occasion as “Hairboy,” to contribute as well, but he’s not made use of the account I set up for him yet. Probably doesn’t remember the password at this point. Hairboy helped me run my previous two websites that were anime related years back.

    I suppose SEB could be considered a group blog at this point, but Eric seems to view this as my sandbox that he occasionally gets to come over and kick sand around in when he’s feeling tetchy.

  8. no when the rapture (or catching away as the bible calls it) happens everyone here (on the planet alive at the time) will know it.  I saw the passion of The Christ today and it was great.  I don’t know how anyone could come up with anti-semitism unless they wanted to.  (not that i was looking for it) i can see why people that see it are either praising it or cursing it.  Its not about Jews, hate, punishment, sin or anything like that.  it is about the Jesus Christ has for mankind even those that hate Him and His followers.  he loves all you guys here too. regardless of what you think about Him. He loves you. and extends His mercy to us, brand new everyday.

  9. Xade, wouldn’t it be somewhat ironic if it was the rapture and she was the only person alive worthy of going to heaven? I know I’d laugh at that one.

    Now on to Randall…

    I saw the passion of The Christ today and it was great.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. I suspect this means we’ll never hear you complain about grotesquely violent movies then, eh? Seeing as this is one of the more violent ones ever made.

    I don

  10. les, i wasn’t throwing down the “Jesus loves you” statement in hopes that you would believe it, and convert to the ways of Christianity, and change this site to begin discussing pre,mid,post tribulations theories or some such.  I was merely saying it because I do.

    I was also only sharing with you (or whoever read the post) on what I got out of the movie.  (not that anyone here would actually care, just in case they did.)  But the love thing is what I walked away with from the movie, which is what Jesus and Christianity is all about anyway.  Not that I am all of this sudden “I love everybody no matter what they do to me guy”, because I am not.  I do wish I had that love that Jesus had though.  going through what he did and still praying rather than cursing those that opposed him.

    you are right it was a painful movie to watch.  and no i have not been a preacher against violent movies anyway.  violence happens everyday.  there is as much mental violence and abuse that takes place in society and on the “big screen” as physical violence.

    as far as the anti-semitism,  i understand the old day passion play theory,  and i understand the history of jewish persecution.  but the thing that really rubs the jewish religious community the wrong way today is the same thing that led them to crucify Jesus in the first place.  and that is the fact that Jesus is the Christ.  The movie is not called the passion of Jesus.  It is called the passion (or suffering) of The Christ (Anointed One, Messiah).  That is what stirs them.

    as far as the alien theory,  if i did get on here, or any other site (wheather atheist, jewish, christian) and make a post like that….hi this is randall and i am an ambassador or Gord from planet zapwah and i just want to let everyone know that Gorg loves you and so do i….that post does not nothing to move you or anyone else to anything.(except for laughter, or perhaps alert the carck police)  but when christians make a post like that in envokes anger, malice, etc.  the reason being, Christ is real and his love for you is real too.  Science, and history back it up, the prophecies prove it. 

    but more importantly, its the difference of what happens in your heart, when i say Jesus loves you, santa love you, or Gorg loves you.

    again not saying I love you and Jesus love you to convert you, just saying it because I do.

  11. bartleby….you must not be an atheist because according to the ones on this site only the Christians are judgemental, bigots,etc….  your hate for Christ only fuels his love for you,  i am praying for….

  12. I’m sure the woman had a previous condition. She wouldn’t just have a heart attack due to the movie, thas irrational. And the reason that movie was such a violent portrayel is because that’s the way it happened. It’s so terrible to see you guys post your negative messages because it tells me that you completely missed the point of the whole movie. If all you got from the movie is that it was violent, it’s very sad. Christ went through all that pain for you. Gibson had to make it that violent to get people to understand that it wasn’t no sugar coated beating that he took. The beatings that he sustained would have killed any normal man. But anywayz, the movie is about the love of Christ for mankind. Even tho they beat him nearly to death and then hung him on a cross, he still prayed for God to forgive them. THAT IS LOVE! At the beginning, he was in the garden, asking God if there was another way because he didn’t want to go through with it, but yet he did anyways because why? LOVE! He loves us so much yet we dust him off like some kind of after thought. I think that people who are not Christians tend to judge God by the way Christians act, which is a very terrible mistake. Christians cannot portray God accurately. Christians, like everyone else are human and WILL make mistakes. A lot of Christians are messed up with their ideals and attitudes and falsely proclaim what Christianity is all about. Too dead set on the rules of religion. This whole thing is about love and that’s it. That’s the foundation of Christianity. Nuff Said.
    As for the anti-semitic thing. It’s bull. There were Jews opposin the crucifixion…….how is that anti-semitic? The woman who played Jesus’s mother, Mary, was even Jewish. Yea, ok. AND nobody can kill God. If Jesus didn’t want to die, he didn’t have to. He gave up his life for us. The Jews didn’t take it. We all sent him to the cross. It was our sins that killed Jesus. Even in the movie, you heard him say “I give my life, no man can take it from me”. If that’s the best argument that these people can come up wit against the movie then that’s sad. Focus on what the movie is really about instead of lookin for things to try to tear it down. Luv N Christ


  13. One more thing
    History says that Jesus truly existed, whether he was the Christ or not. There really was a Jesus who was crucified for saying he was the Christ, no fantasy. That is proof. Now, this carpenter kid, who is like 13, goes and preaches in the temples and completely stuns the pharisees, who devoted their whole lives to studying the word of God. So this kid grows up and word begins to spread that there’s a man doing great teachings and performing miracles and claiming to be to son of God. Whether this is true or not, who knows. So the pharisees get all hot and bothered because this dude can’t be the son of God, that’s blasphemy. So they plot out a way to kill him. Now this Jesus dude is either telling the truth, lying, or is off his rocker and really thinks he’s the son of God. Now, if he was lying, would he go to such a point as to sacrifice his own life to avoid admitting his lie? If he was just some crazy dude who thought he was son of God, how could he have so much wisdom and be able to out teach the pharisees in the temple? Do krazy people think rationally? So who was Jesus then, the man who gave up his life for no particular reason. I’d like to hear ya feedback. Who Jesus was, really, if he wasn’t the son of God like he says he was.
    God exist, I’m sorry, but that’s the fact. This world couldn’t come from any scientific accident. It’s impossible. If we were any closer to the sun, we would combust and burn. Any farther away and we would freeze. There happens to be the exact cycle of carbon monoxide and oxygen that allows to live. Man, there’s so many things, I could go on forever. Science cannot explain this. Oh yea, and evolution. If we came from monkeys. Why are there still monkeys?


  14. Okay, so could you point out somewhere OTHER than the bible, where it gives an account of Jesus.

    Are there any independent documents showing us what he’s supposed to have told the pharisees. As far as I know, we only have the bible’s say so. The bible shouldn’t be read as a history or science text book, and you are on very shaky ground implying it is one.

    You said “God exist, I’m sorry, but that

  15. Cornelius Tacitus
    Tacitus lived from A.D. 55 to A.D. 120. He was a Roman historian and has been described as the greatest historian of Rome, noted for his integrity and moral uprightness. His most famous works are the Annals and the Histories. The Annals relate the historical narrative from Augustus

  16. ok, so we could sit here and argue the theory of evolution all day. There’s not enough scientific evidence to support the theory and the biblical standpoint is mere belief system. So I’ll go back to the argument of Jesus to argue the theory of evolution. Because if Jesus is the Son of God, then that means that there is a God, which means that God created all things, and evolution is bogus. However, if Jesus wasn’t the Son of God, then all of that is irrevelent. But my argument stands and there is historical evidence that proves that Jesus existed and was killed because of his proclamations. If he wasn’t the Son of God then who was he?

  17. Ok, so if we’re going to leap willy nilly from subject to subject, taking up evolution and the historicity of Christ, this thread will probably balloon quite substantially.  It’s not my blog, but wouldn’t that make it forum food?

    As far as Tacitus’ Chrestus, just because YOU think his account is credible doesn’t mean the majority of scholars do.  I mean, there’s “convincing” arguments out there that the Holocaust was an exaggeration—that doesn’t make them true.


    which means that God created all things, and evolution is bogus

    Don’t hurt yourself in your wild rush to abandon logic.

  18. WunLuvv….you are correct in you history and your facts of the existance of Jesus.  There are those on this site and this world that are so bent on following their own rules that they convince themselves of the lie of no God or, no Jesus.  Jesus is in fact not only a historical figure but one that is very alive today.  to admit he is real one would have to deal with the question is he the Christ?  as peter stated…He is the Christ the Son of the living God.  and he is madly in love with every clumsy christian and every intelligent atheist.  His love is being show in so many ways today it is incredible.  he speaks to those he loves not simply in a church or a “religious” setting but he is making his way into the news media, late night talk shows, SEB website, and even the big screen.  he is reaching into every aspect of society demonstrating his love….

    and wunluvv you are right it all hinges on Jesus,  Their are no contridictions, mistakes, or error in him, simply unconditional love….

    the word of God answers even the stirring Question in the media today..Who killed Jesus???

    was it the Jews?  Pilate?  Christians, sinners, Mel Gibson?  at look at Isaiah 53:10 (prophecy given hundreds of years before his horrible death) “It was the will of the Lord to crush Him; he has put Him to grief.  or how about Romans 8:32 God did not spare His own Son, but have Him up for all of us.  and one more Ephesians 5:2…Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

  19. Yea man, thas off tha hook. Anti-semitism is such a terrible argument against that movie.
    I got a question for the evolution katz up on here. What DO you believe in? What are YOUR answers? I wanna know what drives you guys away from God or the belief of God. I know a lot of katz believe in God but just don’t really follow the bible. What makes you guys NOT believe in God. Fa real, I’m just curious. I’m bein open-minded and I just wanna know.
    From my standpoint -
    My God performs miracles every day. People in wheelchairs get up and WALK? Cancer disappears. Broken bones mend. Is there a scientific explanation for that?
    What about after you die. What are your views on what happens then?
    Just some curious questions


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