We are a part of the Titty Nation.

I’m sure the talk of the day will be Janet Jackson’s right tit and the special appearance it made during the Super Bowl half-time show yesterday. For those of you who (like me) don’t watch the Super Bowl and therefor missed it I’ve included a snap from the event over to the right which you can click for a bigger pic. Not bad considering she’s getting up there in age.

Now, the official word from CBS is that this was an unplanned and unintentional mishap with Jackson’s costume. Jackson did look stunned after it happened and even Justin Timberlake is apologizing for it saying, “I am sorry that anyone was offended by the wardrobe malfunction during the halftime performance of the Super Bowl. It was not intentional and is regrettable.” Yet others are reporting that CBS knew of the prank and approved it.

One is left to wonder whether it was intentional or not. The first question to be answered is: If the intent wasn’t to expose her right breast then what the hell else would the action Timberlake was doing supposed to accomplish? Clearly something was supposed to happen and nothing has been said about what that something was.

Secondly, if they weren’t planning on revealing her tit then why was she wearing that little sun-shaped nipple pasty on her right tit? Shouldn’t it have just been a bare nipple? This would tend to support the idea that it was planned.

Still, I’m not sure what all the uproar is about. Even with most of her right tit exposed she still had more clothes on than what you see in the average prime-time drama these days and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Bikini Bowl that was held on TNT showed way more skin overall. The only real concern I could see is the fact that CBS tends to have a lot of old people watching it all the time so there may have been worry of increased heart attacks.

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  1. Ms Jackson looks down and says: “Damn, I’m sure there was a baby sucking on that teat…where’d it go?”

  2. Yeah, my first thought in reading this post was, “Jeez, someone in costuming’s head’s gonna roll.”  But you don’t put a pretty pastie on if you don’t intend for it to be shown.  Really.  Methinks Ms Jackson was looking for some publicity.

  3. And spare me the NFL posturing.  Given the T&A cheerleading they have no problem being broadcast up-close and personal, objecting to Ms Jackson’s revealed boob seems disingenuous at best.

  4. Not intentional, huh? OK, sure. He unintentionally reached across her, bypassing the left boob and going for the right one. The pierced one. The sun shaped hardware covering her areola (hardly), held on by the crossbar through her nipple (you can see it clearly in closeup), is something I’m sure she wears every day. Especially when dancing around on stage. And that black shiny stuff gets sticky when you sweat on it, and really, the cup is held on by snaps that malfunctioned when Justin grabbed hold of her boob and yanked his hand back. Without letting go.

    The most disturbing part of the whole thing is that they’re so quick to lie about it. CBS, grow a set of balls. Want to apologize for offending, fine. But dont lie. And if it wasnt you, and it was MTV, then MTV ‘fess up. And Justin, there’s a place in politics waiting for you.

  5. Move along people…nothing to see here! Okay, she showed her tit. Big friggin deal! Our country is so repressed; a few months ago, I was watching American Pie in London, and they showed all of Shannon Elizabeth. This was at an 8’oclock showing on the BBC, not 1 am on some pay channel! It was not a wardrobe mix up. They probably thought that no one would be able to see it so far away; that just documents exactly HOW much media spotlight is on you at during the show. When there are closeups of a metal pasty, you know there was some serious media coverage! Grow some balls CBS! CBS should blame MTV. MTV should blame the talent. Talent should state that it was an artistic expression (aimed to gather media attention—which it has successfully done). What would have been perfect is if no one even said a word. [As long as they still posted the pictures]

  6. One must give Janet credit though.Like the duracell bunny she keeps going and going. .. What had me in shock was the fact Janet was dancing so suggestively with Justin Whom the two could actually be mother and son.

    As for the flying titty. I won’t deny that while watching I gasped heavily in shock… but this came right after I told those at my house, “my lord she is old enough to be his mother” and then he goes and exposes her. Go Janet.. I so hope I can get the grind going with men half my age at hers!

  7. When I first saw it the first thing that popped into my head was, “Wow - isn’t it weird that the more Michael looks like LaToya, the more Janet looks like Tito!”  Then I was like, “Thems some nasty looking implants.  She’s all squishy.”  I forget what I thought right after that, but I think it had to do with microwaving some taquitos.  After that I remembered that Justin and Janet broke up and he’s with Cameron Diaz now, and that brought to mind Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and then I got all pissed off.

    Damn it, Janet!

  8. Hey Les, did you know that the Drudge Report page you linked to pops up an international dialer?  I know how easy it is to block pop-ups and I am all securitied up before you ask, but should you really encourage this type of thing?

  9. Les - I normally read SEB in a newsreader, where the images that you post don’t work. I think it’s possibly something to do with the referer (or lack of one) since they work fine on the page itself, so I assume you’ve got hotlink protection going. Just a FYI - it’s not a biggie, it just gets a little annoying.

  10. DaveR, nope didn’t realize that as I tend to do most of my browsing through Mozilla and thusly didn’t see any popups. My fault. I’ll edit the link out later today.

    Neil, yeah, I’ve got hotlink protection going because I had some folks linking directly to images on my site including a number of the smilies I have here. I wish I didn’t have to do that, but it was starting to eat into my bandwidth more than I was comfortable with.

  11. Part of me said “Woohoo!”

    Another part said, “There are kids watching this”

    Then another part said, “Too bad we didn’t watch this in HDTV…”

  12. I’ve seen the video. I think the “malfunction” was that only one boob got exposed. The way he tore off the costume, you can tell he was expecting the twins. She looked pretty silly standing there with just one boob hanging out.

  13. From what I hear, she has a enw album coming out soon… You all be the judge…

    As to it being good or bad… This show was a “prime time” show that children as well as adults were watching… If it were the Lingerie Bowl, then fine, it’s an expected “R” rated show, not really, but more so than the Super Bowl was supposed to be. Now the people in the booth were very quick and switched to a different camera as quick as possible. However, the exposure still managed to make it on air.

    Now, don’t even tell me that this was a “Accident”! If this were an accident, why would Justin be “holding” the part of her costume in his hand instead of it falling to the ground or hanging off of something on his cloths.

    Overall, what a stupid situation. I personally think that they “Janet and Justin” should be fined for what they did.

  14. janet says the black cup was suppose to come off but revealing just her red bra.

    how can half a bra come off?

  15. anet says the black cup was suppose to come off but revealing just her red bra.

    I figured she’d say that. I know my bra cups fly off all the time. Maybe it was a red lacy nursing bra? Damn velcro…

    I don’t have a problem with nudity, titties, any of it. Hell, I’d have porn on during dinner if it was up to me. I’m not offended, i just thought the stunt was stupid, and completely without context. I wasn’t shocked when I saw it, my only thought was “Uhh, why?”.

  16. I wanted to comment on Dave’s response a little earlier…

    As to it being good or bad… This show was a “prime time” show that children as well as adults were watching… If it were the Lingerie Bowl, then fine, it’s an expected “R” rated show, not really, but more so than the Super Bowl was supposed to be. Now the people in the booth were very quick and switched to a different camera as quick as possible. However, the exposure still managed to make it on air.

    I find it somewhat interesting that so many people seem to be upset with the idea that children may have seen Janet’s naked tit, but no one seems to be all that upset about the performance between her and Justin up until the actual nudity happened.

    I didn’t see the whole song and dance routine myself as I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but from what I have seen of it there was quite a bit of highly suggestive dancing with Janet rubbing her ass up against Justin and the song itself was rather blatant in its lyrics. Yet no one seems to be outraged about children watching two people dry-humping on stage to a racy song.

    Personally, I’d find the performance deplorable even if the whole naked tit thing hadn’t happened and there’s really nothing about Janet’s tit being exposed that makes it somehow worse in my mind. Surely the nudity is the least of the problems with that performance in terms of its impact on children.

  17. Bush to Appoint Booby Commission

    At first he dismissed it as unnecessary and counter-productive. Now, under strain of mounting pressure, President Bush has announced he will appoint an independent commission to investigate this year’s NFL Super Bowl halftime show. Originally calling it a simple

  18. That was pretty damned amusing there Brock! Is that an original work? Bravo! I’m half tempted to make it it’s own entry. :-D

  19. Yeah, it’s originally mine Les, and thank-you. I always thought if it’s someone else’s work, they should be given credit in the post. I realize that sometimes the poster doesn’t know who it belongs to and, like you usually do in your entries, it’s polite to ask if anyone knows where it came from.

    I’m not naive enough to think I write anything special, but it burns me up when people post other peoples work and purposely leave the reader assuming it’s their own.

    As for making it it’s own entry, what a compliment. Even if you don’t, I’m still flattered. Obviously, I crave attention, but don’t give it to me! It will only inspire me to write more of this stuff, and nobody really wants that.

    Still, being “Farked” would be da bomb and since I’ll probably never accomplish it, I’ll ask you: What’s that feel like?

  20. No one mentions how her boobie was bared while Timberlake sang the last line of his song :  “I’m gonna have you naked by the end of this song”

    But, um, sure, it was an accident.

  21. You are all missing the point. Her boobs aren’t real to begin with, so they don’t count.

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