“Unscrewed” interviews guys behind “Red vs. Blue.”

Was watching TechTV’s Unscrewed last night and they had an interview with Geoff and Burnie, two of the guys behind the hilarious Red vs. Blue animations that I’ve been a fan of for awhile. Looking through my archives I realized I’ve never talked about Red vs. Blue so I thought I should correct that oversight.

Basically, RvB is what you get when you take the game Halo on the Xbox, the ability to voice chat over Xbox Live and a group of fans of the game who like to be silly and put them all together with a VCR. More than just random silliness, the RvB site tells the story of a group of soldiers titled The Blood Gulch Chronicles and they’ve already got a complete “season” of shows under their belt. All of them are free to download in several different video formats and if you get to be a big fan, like I have, you’ll be happy to learn you can buy a DVD of the first season that has over 2 hours of content for $20.

Being a fan of the video game isn’t necessary to enjoy the RvB saga, though it does enhance the experience, as it’s amazingly funny on its own rights. It’s also pretty impressive what these guys manage to pull off considering they’re using a video game as their film studio. Want a taste? Then go download the trailer and see for yourself. There’s some naughty language so if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing consider yourself warned. Of course, if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing then what the fuck are you doing here??

7 thoughts on ““Unscrewed” interviews guys behind “Red vs. Blue.”

  1. Just found your site after you linked me up a few days ago. Would have got around to checking you earlier but I’m in Mexico at the moment and things move slower here. Was delighted to hear about the RvB DVD. And the rest of the site has given me plenty to read while waiting for my flight. I’ll add your supid evil ass to my blogroll as soon as we land.

  2. RvB is awesome, I downloaded’em all a few months back. There hilarious. I linked to this site last night and came back to read you stupid evil bastard.  Awesome site btw, its in my favs.

  3. yo…um i was wonder do u have or know of any site that has the clips in one d/l because i want to download them all but i have dial up and cant sit wait for the one to finish and then d/l the others…..thx reply back plz or e-mail me…btw ur site ROXX!!!

  4. I don’t know of any sites that have them all packaged together as one file, but that would be huge and take forever over dialup. You might want to consider just buying the DVDs from their website. There’s one for each season so you can sit and watch them all in one sitting and they come with all manner of extras such as director commentaries, deleted scenes, outtakes, stuff that wasn’t released, and so on. They’re only $20 each and it would be a lot easier than trying to download all the episodes. I plan on buying them myself at some point.

  5. thats exactly the thing though… i dont have any money…..i seriusly would try to d/l them with my dialup i would ge one of my friends that has cable to d/l them for me and oput them on a cd or sumthing for me…. but thx ne ways….

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