Temporary splash page.

Because of the occasion I’ve put up a temporary splash page which you’ll only see if you come to the root URL of the site. It’s not much, but it’s something. Wish I could have found a new photo to use, but this is one of the best I have of Bill so it’ll have to do.

My sister wrote a nice entry about Bill for the day and for those interested, I’ve added a few new pics to the gallery I set up about Bill as well.

Update: Anne has a pic up of the candle memorial she put together for Bill this morning.

7 thoughts on “Temporary splash page.

  1. It gave me tears to see the page and think of how enormous losing Bill is, and I didn’t even know him.
    The page is very fitting, and cool.

  2. I won’t offer religious platitudes.
    I can’t offer any personal knowledge of what it is to lose someone dear.
    I can only offer my deepest respect and empathy for you and all who knew Bill.
    Everyone, hug your friends, plant a tree and do something fun to cherish the memory of the ones who aren’t here any more.

    Love Tish.

  3. I’m glad that folks think the splash page was nice as I was a little worried I had gotten a bit cheesy with it. And again I want to say that I appreciate all the kind words and thoughts everyone has expressed to me both here on SEB and in private emails.

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