So much to do, so little desire to do it.

Ever have one of those days were you just don’t feel like doing a damned thing? Well, I’m having one of those weekends. Not only did I sleep in until the morning was just a memory both yesterday and today, but since getting up I’ve barely had the gumption to do much else other than sit around and stare at the carpet lint. I’ve not been fully dressed in the last 36 hours or so and meals have consisted of whatever I can manage to toss into a microwave or douse in milk.

Anne hasn’t been feeling terrible well herself lately and I’m not sure if I’m fighting off whatever bug she may have or if I’m just going through a minor fit of depression or what, but I’ve had no energy to speak of. There’s plenty of stuff that I could be doing, stuff I had planned on doing this weekend, but I just can’t seem to get myself motivated. I suppose I’ll just write this weekend off and call myself Slothboy for the moment.

7 thoughts on “So much to do, so little desire to do it.

  1. Have you tried some scrambled eggs - they usually kick start the old engine?
    Has the weather been dull and grey? That never helps…maybe you need a screensaver of Hawaii to look at.
    Hope the two of you feel better soon.

    :hugs: That’s you & the missus, not us (honest Mrs Barstad!)

  2. Awe don’t worry.  I don’t think Mom is that paranoid.  I’ve been feeling kinda out of it myself.  Haven’t changed out of my PJs since Thursday.  And I actually have to remind myself to brush my hair before going to bed or face pain when brushing my hair on a school morning, that would be Monday…

    Well now that I have finally made a comment on Dad’s blog, I’ll go read some more!

  3. I have days like that all the time.  I’ve had them recently. I have lots to do for my classes such as projects and programs, ooo and can’t forget reading and studying.  But despite all that bearing down on me, I’d rather take time to play counterstrike instead. I simply blame it on being a lazy college student.

  4. it’s some lame-assed virus. i had it two weeks ago, felt like i was stuck in cement for about three days.

  5. Lame-ass-virus or lazy-individuals (of any and all varieties) or blue moods or bad weather or whatever.

    We slothed our weekend away (the whole family) and it felt good dammit!  So there!

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