Sci-Fi channel signs up for “Galactica” series.

Looks like we’ve not seen the last of the Sci-Fi’s take on Battlestar Galactica:

Reuters | Sci Fi Orbits ‘Galactica’ Series

After successfully relaunching the franchise as a miniseries in December, Sci Fi Channel picked up the options last week on its top cast members, which include Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell and Katee Sackhoff. Sources said the cable network is aiming to run “Galactica” as a full-fledged series as early as fourth-quarter 2004.

Sci Fi declined comment, but all indications are that at least six episodes of “Galactica” will be shot in Vancouver as soon as April. It will likely be one of cable’s more expensive drama series, with production estimates as high as $1.5 million per episode.

The four-hour “Galactica” miniseries averaged 4.2 million viewers last year, making it the third-highest-rated multinight program Sci Fi has aired.

Considering some of the other crap Sci-Fi shows it’s not hard to believe that Galactica was one of it’s highest rated so far. My wife will be happy at least.

5 thoughts on “Sci-Fi channel signs up for “Galactica” series.

  1. Yay!  I actually LIKED it. 

    Of course, it had NOTHING to do with the fact that I met Mr. Olmos in the early 80’s and found him to be a very gracious person.

    Newp.  Aheh.

  2. As a totally new and utterly-unrelated-to-anything science fiction show, it was halfway interesting. As Battlestar Galactica…you’ve got to be kidding.

    For me, though, the most amusing tie-in to the whole thing was when a buddy got the flu. There were three facts that he was able to hang on to during the delerium:

    1) he’d recently watched T2
    2) Battlestar Galactica was going to be on soon
    3) the machines had most certainly given him this flu. They were out to get him.

    It is a bit bizarre to see all these (former) familiar characters now portrayed as dysfunctional enough for six of my family reunions. Starbuck’s female this time around? Odd, but the essential personality seems to be intact. Colonel Tigh is a raging alcoholic? That’s just a wee bit off kilter. (Boomer’s little secret is also a bit weird - not to mention that their version of foreshadowing is as subtle as a hammer to the forebrain. Seeing Baltar as the quintessential theory-geek with little to no grounding in reality - and oversexed to boot - was a bit amusing.) I also had fun playing Name That Location, as I lived in Vancouver for a few years.

  3. …and speaking of things which are only vaguely related to that which spawned them…

    HHGttG is being made into a film.

    By Americans.

    And Disney.

    I don’t know which makes me shudder more: “Americans” (because US Hollywood just cannot do British comedies or satires), or “Disney” (because….Disney? For the Guide?)

    I think I just felt my stomach doing a slow dip and lurch to the left.

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