Partial Windows 2000 source code leaked to the Net.

Oops. Looks like part of Microsoft’s Windows 2000 SP1 source code has been leaked making its way onto the Internet on Thursday and the news media have been having a field day with apocolyptic predictions about what this could mean.

According to the folks at BetaNews the leak has been traced back to a company called MainSoft that uses the source code to create Unix version of Windows applications. The leaked code is only a subset of the full OS and can’t be compiled into a useable form. While it is true that it could still be valuable to hackers looking for new ways to exploit flaws in the OS, it’s hard to say how much danger there is when only a limited subset of the full code has been leaked. Most security experts are surprised it’s taken this long for something like this to happen and are saying it’s too soon to get our panties all in a bunch over this. So relax, but keep an eye open for word from Microsoft on any OS patches they release in the near future.

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