One advantage to a job as a planner…

…is that it doesn’t require my physical presence to do. I’ve been fighting off a major migraine for the past day or so and it was only marginally better when I awoke this morning. I checked my schedule and noted that I had no meetings to attend so I dashed off an email to the two people I work most closely with letting them know I’d be working from home today due to the migraine. I’ve got my pager and access to my email and a telephone and that’s pretty much all I need to do my job. Probably wouldn’t hurt if I could remember the outside access number for my voice mail, but if it’s really important folks will page the hell out of me so I’m not too concerned about that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to down a few more Excedrin.

8 thoughts on “One advantage to a job as a planner…

  1. Les,

    Sorry about changing the topic—I can’t find your email here . . . but there’s something you need to read. Check my blog, the post labeled “Waiting for Gilead.”

    I think you need to look at the linked articles.

  2. Migranes are no fun what so ever! I have been having them personally since I was 10. One things that helps break up the tension and pressure, for me at least, is a steam shower. Where the water is hot enough to produce a vast amount of steam. Also allowing the water to hit the base of the neck relieving the neck muscules for most migranies end up in the neck. After that head straight to bed for some well needed sleep!

    Hope you get to feeling better. They are definetley no fun.

  3. Ooooh, migraines are hell and I can’t believe Excedrin even touches it.  I’ve been battling them for 30 years, 3-4 times a week, and have been taking 400 mcg Actiq (Fentanyl)4 times/day plus 600 mg Neurontin 2 times/day for the last six months and have not had a single migraine in all that time. Talk to a neurologist/pain specialist about it.

  4. I used to get ‘em myself, mainly from the ages of 10-15 (hrm, puberty?).  Mine were the “I’ll just barf for six hours straight” variety.  Not a lot of fun … sorry to hear you’re down with one!

    I went through several medications.  Cafergot (didn’t work, made me ill for 3 days), a couple others, then finally hit on Ergostat (sublingual, worked like a charm).  Thankfully, I haven’t had one in over 20 years now.  They probably have much better medication now, as well.  You might want to check into it … nothing’s worse than just waiting through one 🙁


  5. I get ‘em, too. ALOT. Of the shut-the-drapes-hug-the-toilet variety.

    Excedrin Migraine only works for me when I have just the tiniest glimmer of one coming and I MIGHT be able to ward it off, or at least delay it. But for the most part, it doesn’t work for real migraines. Although it does a helluva job on a hangover.

    As for Rx, I’ve always taken Maxalt for them. It’s gooooooood stuff. And just recently my doctor gave me a trial sample of Relpax (sp?) and I think it’s even better. None of the Imitrex or other currently-popular migraine medicines out there now worked for me. Both Maxalt and Relpax are fairly obscure. Which is why I thought they were worth a mention here.

    Les (if you don’t mind some advice), I’m sure your doctor would call in a prescription for something to help you, given that you’re currently in the middle of an attack.

  6. I don’t get them often enough to bother with a prescription and they’re short enough at this point that I can ride them out without too much trouble. I have more trouble from my back than I do migraines.

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