On a totally unrelated note…

I turned the hotlink protection off for the sites here as I was getting reports from one reader that his ISP was using some sort of hidden proxie that was resulting in broken image links for everything. Suppose I’ll have to put up with the bandwidth thieves for a while until I can think of a better way to handle things.

5 thoughts on “On a totally unrelated note…

  1. Whenever you see someone hotlinking an image just replace it with a different image that says something like, “I’m a dirty rotten bandwidth thief who should burn in hell for all eternity!” or something.

    Ooh, better yet - get a really nasty picture of, like, Divine or Walter Mattheu in drag and make that the image for that url.  You could get all kinds of nasty on people.

  2. Ah. The spammers are back, I see.

    …Brad Pitt in drag? You mean, aside from his role in Interview with a Vampire? Or are we talking hardcore “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” drag? *snert*

  3. They were until I got home and turned MT-Blacklist loose on them. Fucking parasites.

    Anyway, I have no idea what I was talking about at the time. Probably the Interview with a Vampire Brad Pitt in drag look. I don’t really wear women’s clothing.

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