New weblogging tool “ExpressionEngine.”

Looks like the folks behind the blogging package pMachine have a new uber-blogging/CMS system available now called ExpressionEngine.

The feature list is impressive and I must confess to having been sorely tempted…

…until I noted the package costs $199 for a license and one year of updates. Ouch.

Well, so much for that tool as a consideration. If I wasn’t willing to shell out $45 for pMachine Pro then I’m definitely not shelling out $200 for ExpressionEngine no matter how wonderful it is. Shame as it sounds pretty cool.

1 thought on “New weblogging tool “ExpressionEngine.”

  1. Another small thing that separates liberals from clergymen - you aren’t asking for donations or spending gross amounts of money for something that you don’t really need!  Kudos on your independency!

    Man, I need less free time.

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