New Mozilla FireFox and Thunderbird versions available.

Been meaning to mention that there are new versions of Mozilla FireFox (formerly Firebird) and Thunderbird available for folks who are interested. The newly renamed (again) FireFox includes a Window’s installer for the first time and continues the trend of being the fastest and most compliant browser available. Thunderbird has been my default mail client for ages now and it just keeps getting better. No idea what new features either package offers at this point as I haven’t bothered to check. Just upgraded both as I use them both regularly. If you haven’t checked out either one of them yet, now’s a good time to do so.

2 thoughts on “New Mozilla FireFox and Thunderbird versions available.

  1. I tried to use FireFox 0.8 last week.

    It seemed to be working OK, until monitor flashed. Once this flash took place, I found that other applications windows were messed up. I had a text editor up and running editing web page when the flash occured. I couldn’t see the text in the editor anymore. So I went to save the file, and found the standard save dialog was messed up in the same way. The title bar was visable, the left and right side handles (for sizing) were visible and that was it. When I grabbed the title bar and moved the window to the edges of the screen to try to get it to redraw the window, I found that the rest of the window was “transparent”. Even after moving the window off screen and back, the effect was still there.

    I closed the save dialog and tried another program only to find it had the same problem.

    Since FireFox was the only different thing I was running from other edit sessions, I restarted my system, and stopped using FireFox to view the web.

    I haven’t seen this glitch since. Was it FireFox that caused it? Who knows, but since it was the only variable that changed, I am assuming it was and am going to wait until they make a 1.1 or 1.2 version before I jump on that bandwagon!

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