My wife makes it all so clear…

We’re getting ready for bed last night and my wife is acting silly and she notices that we’re wearing identical shirts. So she says to me in a playful sing-song voice “Look! We’re wearing the same shirt! Except I have boobs and you’re tall.”

And I thought to mysef, “Wow. That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it.”

7 thoughts on “My wife makes it all so clear…

  1. Holy fucking shit - I had pretty much the same conversation with Andy not too long ago, except it went more like, “Except you’re bald and I’m smart!”

    Eerie, huh?

  2. Note to self: Do not eat oatmeal while reading replies from Natalie as you risk the very real possibility of spraying oatmeal all over your laptop.

  3. IS it just me, or are all women fucking stupid?
    I drove up the coast of Maine last year and had this stupid bitch convinced the coast we saw was actually England.

    Is my wife the only pacrat or is everyone’s ?

    If I could only convince her the utility bill was a special sale, I’d be very happy!

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