Must. Get. Dan Reeder. CD.

On the drive home the other day I managed to catch the tail end of Fresh Air on NPR. My timing was perfect to catch music critic Ken Tucker’s review of a new CD by Dan Reeder. Who is Dan Reeder? Well, yeah, that was my thought too when I first heard the name, but after hearing the small samples of his compositions during Ken’s review I decided that I had to have this CD.

Dan Reeder is a former Californian now living in Germany who is a painter that occasionally dabbles in music.  He writes the songs, sings all the harmonies and manages to pull off what Ken Tucker calls “a kind of parody of the blues and R&B,” a music genre I’m not normally a big fan of. The simple tunes and solid harmonizing combined with the clever lyrics managed to snag my attention and pique my interest. Everything about this CD is home made by Reeder from the instruments to the computer he recorded them on to the artwork he created for the cover. What little I’ve heard so far is just amazing.

I have to get this CD.

It’s available from the Oh Boy Records homepage for $12.98 and will be available from in March for a couple bucks less. If you like checking out new and different music then you may want to check Dan’s CD out for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Must. Get. Dan Reeder. CD.

  1. Les, you really should pick this up. I discovered it a few months ago from a review in Esquire.  He is very funny, and I like the music.  There are certainly some explicit lyrics, but I really enjoy the work.  You can also pick up the album via the iTunes Music Store for $9.99 if you are so inclined.

  2. Les, I heard the same APR review on I95 heading south to visit folks…started looking in every record store from MD to Miami!  I think you would enjoy Elliot Murphy’s tunes I heard late night on same trip on a now forgotten college station… whew, I do love them “out-of-bounds” college stations.  Best, Burt

    Being sixty is NOT so bad - if ya keep changing!

  3. I ended up downloading Dan’s CD from Apple’s iTunes making it the first batch of music I’ve ever bought in such a manner. It cost me $9.99 and I had it in moments thanks to my 4 mbps Internet service. Talk about taking instant gratification to the extreme!

    Thanks for the Elliot Murphy suggestion. I’ll check him out soon.

  4. I agree, Dan Reeder is wonderful. I was looking for the lyrics of itty bitty pee pee, and I came upon your site. I’m listening to the cd right now. He’s a wonderful musician, I really enjoy food & pussy, and also Tulips on the Table.

  5. I was watching an episode of Weeds the other day, and couldn’t get a song that was played during the credits out of my head.  I went online and found out it was Dan Reeder’s “Work Song” and on a whim I downloaded the cd off iTunes.  It’s awesome.  I highly recommend it. 
    For those of you who like it check out some of the other music on the Weeds soundtrack.  They tend to find quirky, folksy, types of music you’d hear in coffee houses or on college radio stations.

  6. It wasn’t in the credits, it was during a sex scene, which was part of what made it so good.  It was a great song, very well used, and it turned me into a Reeder fan too.

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