Momma needs some inspiration.

Momma feels she’s running out of things to talk about so she needs some of you folks to go over to her site and ask her some questions or give her some topic ideas to write about. She’s got a birthday coming up and I’m sure she’d love to have you guys pester her about whatever’s on your mind. I know there’s a lot of you chatty-types out there as my sister is always answering emails she gets from her readers so some of you guys have got to have an idea or two of what you’d like to hear my mother comment on.  You can either leave it in a comment to one of her existing threads or you could send her an email as her address is listed on her page. So go to it!

4 thoughts on “Momma needs some inspiration.

  1. I went…I was so wordy, an idea is bound to pop up.
    I can relate to the feeling of having little to say, but it certainly doesn’t stop me from rambling…does it?

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