Happy Belated B’Day Wishes to Natalie!

Ack! I just found out that yesterday was Natalie’s birthday and I missed it!  She probably had a bitchin’ party too. Dammit.

Not that I got an invite in the mail or anything, but STILL!!!!!

1 thought on “Happy Belated B’Day Wishes to Natalie!

  1. Oh yeah, my party was *fierce*!!!  I watched the new episode of “The Apprentice” AND “Law & Order”, stayed up late drinking tea and knitting, and to top off the night, I wrote a really long diatribe about gay marriage for my blog!

    I’m a party animal, I am I am. 

    Thanks for the happy birthday - I wasn’t born until nine p.m. on the fourth so I’m counting today until nine as my birthday, too.  :^)

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