Good morning. It’s a new week.

Didn’t update at all over the weekend. Spent Valentines day being a lousy husband as I didn’t sleep well at all the night before. Every time I fell asleep I’d dream someone was shaking my shoulder to wake me up and so I’d wake up. Anne had wanted to clean the apartment up so Courtney could have her boyfriend over and I was so grouchy and out of it due to lack of sleep that it didn’t happen. Instead, spent most of the day snoozing.

Slept better Saturday night, but Sunday started off being lazy at first until I realized that I was laying in bed instead of doing the stuff I’d been meaning to do for awhile such as help get the apartment cleaned up. So I got up and started in on cleaning with a vengeance. Anne realized I was suddenly motivated for no apparent reason and joined in. We got the bathroom tidied up, the kitchen and the living room cleaned and the chaos to settle down a little. We had rearranged the furniture for the holidays so we’d still be able to see the TV from the couch and after vacuuming the floor I moved the couch back to where we normally kept it so the TV could be moved back to its normal position.

So it wasn’t the world’s greatest Valentine’s gift, but I motivated myself to clean the apartment with my wife as my Valentine’s gift this year. Alas, I couldn’t afford much else.

3 thoughts on “Good morning. It’s a new week.

  1. I’d take that for Valentine’s Day!  I always tell the old man the best way to my heart is to pick up the socks.

  2. Trust me - that can be worth more than something storebought.

    Storebought things are nice (undeniably), but when your partner does things with you, or does favours for you…that says volumes. Our society makes it very easy to go out and get Stuff and Things. Finding a person to share one’s Stuff and Things is the tricky bit.

  3. The blind guy I live with, and love, and yell at went with me to the florist’s and we picked out a dozen carnations together.  He started to talk about why he couldn’t do or buy something as a surprise but I hushed him because no excuse is necessary.

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