Empress is showing a little skin.

OK, not really. She just has a new skin for her blog that reveals her bookish side, so to speak. It’s yet more fabulous work by the folks at BlogMoxie who provide custom layouts, skinning and setup of same for your blog if you’re not inclined to pull your hair out trying to do it yourself. Check out their portfolio for more amazing layouts and be sure to check out Empress’ new digs as well.

Seeing the work of places like BlogMoxie is exactly why I won’t seek out a job designing webpages, which is a question I’m often asked. My design skills are meager at best in comparison and I wish I could come up with layouts like theirs. Still, I’m studying and learning and maybe I’ll have enough good taste some day to put together a stunning design like they do, but until then you’ll have to put up with my ham-fisted attempts at HTML.

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