Education Secretary Rod Paige says Teachers Union is a terrorist organization!

Who here remembers back when I first started my “crazy” ranting about the Patriot act and the impending Patriot II? I remember some people saying such things such as “well, if you aren’t doing anything wrong you don’t have anything to be afraid of, right?” I dunno, does anyone have an issue with Bush’s Education Secretary labeling a union a terrorist organization. But HA HA, he was just joking folks.

Okay, now why would that NOT be a funny joke? Maybe because Patriot II authorizes the government to strip natural born citizens of their citizenship if they are in what the government considers a terrorist organization. That would be a big stumbling block to the punchline. Gee and unions fight for collective bargaining against corporations, fight for the worker, I can see why the Bushies see them as terrorists. To a corporation a fair wage must be terrifying, it might mean one less ice sculpture at your wife’s birthday party.

I know that Republican and Democratic politicians in the pocket of big business have long decried the unionization of America as communist and I suppose it has been all of the anti-union feeling from the ‘haves’ that make me feel that, even though it may have it’s problems, unions are better for the working person than the employers are willing to be. Without unions we would still be working 16 hour days 6 or 7 days a week with no over time or vacations. Do you like your weekends off? Thank the unions. If unions are terrorist organizations then long live Jihad and sign me up!

Teachers make a pittance and are expected to be able to teach a classroom that is probably falling apart if it is a city school, packed with 30+ students using outdated text books, held to the underfunded ‘No Child Left Behind’ standard in states that are cutting back funding because the federal dollars are not there. They are condemned as being ineffective by parents not bright enough to help their children with their math homework while the “Education President” waits for the whole house of cards to come tumbling down so he can sell education off to private industry. So Billy, if Mary has a case of refreshing ice cold Coca Cola and hops into her Hemi-powered V-8 Dodge Durango Limited (which is Ram Tough) and travels East toward St. Louis (There’s More than Meets the Arch) at 50 miles per hour…

I cant wait until public education is abolished and children are taught by people more concerned with producing a soldier for the lord and more pliant consumers.

13 thoughts on “Education Secretary Rod Paige says Teachers Union is a terrorist organization!

  1. Eric, if your rants are “crazy,” I consider myself insane but in good company. If the Bush Cartel gets another term, just pump me full of lithium so I may be numb to the fall of my country.

    The Patriot Acts are witch-hunts in the making, and this is how they begin. While people who disagreed with the actions of the government were once called “communist” and had their lives destroyed, the modern replacement label has become “terrorist” or “enemy combatant.” If the Bush Cartel gets another term, I don’t think it is paranoid to think organizations will be taken apart brick by brick, and private citizens will be carted off to prisons or camps, and all for some political agenda disguised as “the war on terror.” The scariest part is that the Bush Cartel’s agenda seems to be to purify the world of non-christian people and any policy, lifestyle, or way of life that does not adhere to the fundamentalist Christian thinking. I am chilled now that I wrote that; as I recall Hitler’s motive was to “purify the Christian race.” :point:

    Great. Here’s to the New World. :drunk:

  2. NCLB is, as you say, an attempt at privatization, after a fashion. School vouchers, while quiet of late on a national level, will return with a vengeance, with ShrubCo giving lots of money to Christian schools.

    I truly despise the government of my country.

  3. Well I don’t understand conservatives. Since they often profess their belief that teachers are some of the laziest public employees around, they should not have much to fear from terrorist teachers then

    Except of course for - *gasp* - the rare ones who make their students THINK!

    Pedantic side-comment: While I can’t be totally sure that Hitler never evoked Christianity in defense of his deeds, his goal was to ‘purify the Aryan race’. He scoffed at christianity, considering them useful dupes.

  4. While it is true that Nazism - and Hitler - were more about purifying the Aryan race, he did “(make) use of Christian symbolism and emotion in propagandizing the overwhelmingly Christian German public.” I will concede “it remains a matter of controversy whether Hitler believed himself a Christian.” However, “The relationship between Nazism and Christianity can only be described as complex—and controversial, since most modern writers wish to dissociate their own views from Nazism as much as possible.” (emphasis added)
    I am not by any means claiming Christians are Nazi’s, ( or that Bush is a Nazi ) but Hitler made use of Christianity - at least - when convenient. Bush is doing the same thing for no less despicable motives. Hitler’s motive appeared to be an insane kind of hate, whereas Bush’s motive appears to be an insane kind of greed. Both preyed upon those hungry for power and those with passionate religious beliefs to fuel their agenda - ultimate power. There is enough similarity for comparison, as well as enough to raise the hair on the back of my neck. I hope I am simply a crazy case of paranoid with too much time on my hands. Sadly enough, the thought would be comforting. I just don’t believe the comparison is a far stretch.
    The actual subject of Eric’s post could take many directions. While this was supposedly an off-the-cuff remark, I don’t think Eric wasted his time pointing out the “joke” was not funny. Nor do I think I am wasting my time pointing out that this is how the witch-hunts begin. Anyone who is opposed to this administration is in danger of being brought down by the accusation of “terrorist activity” or of being an “enemy combatant.” The Patriot Acts opened the doors for it wider than they have ever been, and abuses of the power The Patriot Acts granted have already been documented.

    ** and just for the record, I did not make up the quote that Hitler was out to

  5. And for my part, my joke did not imply that I think the matter less grave. But you gotta admit that irony seems necessary these days.

    Still, I hope that your (US citizens) irony ends at the polls. Ends something else too.

  6. More on Rod Paige. This quote is from an Editorial in todays NY Times.

    The list of Mr. Paige’s errors is long. Last year he said he preferred to have a child in Christian schools and suggested that Christians were morally superior to others. He was called onto the carpet this week by members of the Senate who are threatening to revisit No Child Left Behind unless the department fully enforces the law as written. Instead of dealing with central issues, the department has wasted time and money on things like making sure the districts permit the right amount of “constitutionally protected prayer.”

    The guy is a two-fer. He believes that the NEA is the problem and that christian education is the answer. I suspect that he only apologized for the terrorist remark because of the amount of flack that it drew.

  7. just an observation…i have read many posts that indicate that Christians are non-thinkers, proud, judgemental, etc.  do they (we) get that way becasue of the heart of Christianity?  if God is not real and Jesus is not real then how can something not real affect a group of people.  Perhaps if there is no God/Jesus then they (we) are only acting pushy, judgmental etc, because that is the way they were born.  if a homosexual can be born homosexual can a christian (with all the bad attributes some usually post here) be born that way.  if not where do you think it comes from.  (it) being the reason for the worlds ills called Christianity.  if Christianity is the evil in america, and atheism is the good, then how does one with beliefs simply stop believing.  and if said christian does stop believeing in God/Christ, does his/her evil nature automatically go away.  i am not trying to be sarcastic or prove a point, just trying to understand beliefs (which is not respected by some here)

  8. Randall, the main ‘beef’ I have with religious people is not that they think they are right. I think I am right too, and I’m honest enough to know that most other people are also self-centered universes.

    But a truly religious person, to me (and obviously to many religious guys as well) is not only religious in his thoughts. Believing his creed is not enough. He has to be a missionary (I believe ‘evangelical’ is often used?).

    He has to go out and convince others that his view will ‘save’ them. Usually from some kind of extreme end (no matter if its of the gory kind (burning in a flaming hell) or of a more philosophical sort (being divided from god and all the blessed forever)).

    I simply don’t take well to people who threaten me, or at least imply that I am doomed.

  9. Sometimes, you just gotta say “what the fuck” in the form of a question, not a resignation.

  10. Yes he is. As is everyone who reads Stupid Evil Bastard every day! You’re ALL DOOMED! DOOMED I TELL YOU!!! DOOOOOMED! Muhwahahahahahahahahahahahaha! :evillaugh:


    Sorry, got caught up in the emotion of the moment..

  11. The NEA is actually more like the Mafia than a
    terrorist organization. Sure, their ‘storefront’
    bargains collectively (at least the ‘Godfathers’
    get to vote) for pay and healthcare, etc. But oh
    what they do with their double bookeeping and
    deals in the back rooms (but seriously, single
    bookeeping hides plenty - just
    look at enron) ! Instead of just ranting
    about them, investigate them - if you dare.

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