Dubya’s dirty little secret?

Now here’s something that I just stumbled across by accident, and since I had never heard of it before will continue to see if I can find more sources, but OH this would not play well with the Fundies!

It seems that back in 1970 before Roe V Wade was the law of the land little George W. Bush was involved in getting his girlfriend an illegal abortion. The down side to this bit of news is its source – an interview CNN had with Larry Flynt but just because he is a smut peddler does not necessarily make him or his sources unreliable. I would feel better about his if it were coming from an investigative reporter. Here’s an excerpt:

CNN – Mr. Flynt, I would like to know how you plan to protect yourself from a law suit by claiming to have the goods on GWBush.

Flynt: Because we have them and the truth is an absolute defense.

CNN; When and where are you going to publish information about George W. Bush?

Flynt: When I said that we had the proof, I am referring to knowing who the girl was, knowing who the doctor was that pereformed the abortion, evidence from girlfriends of hers at the time, who knew about the romance and the subsequent abortion. The young lady does not want to go public, and without her willingness, we don’t feel that we’re on solid enough legal ground to go with the story, because should she say it never happened, then we’ve got a potential libel suit. But we know we have enough evidence that we believe completely. One of the things that interested us was that this abortion took place before Roe Vs. Wade in 1970, which made it a crime at the time. I’d just like the national media to ask him if abortion is okay for him and his family, but not for the rest of America. We’re not looking at it as a big issue, we’re looking at it as a situation of people not being told the truth. I think the American people have a right to know everything there is to know about someone running for President.

Since the page I stumbled across lists links that no longer have pages associated with them I would appreciate any information on sources you folks might have. The reason I think this story (if true) is important is not because I am against a womans right to choose, quite the contrary, I think this shows us just that much more of Bush’s seemingly unlimited hypocrisy and his feelings of guilt (assuming he has feelings) might help explain his rabid desire to turn our country into a theocracy.

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  1. American Atheists has an interesting article on this, written 30 Oct 2003 here, which includes the following quote: “As AANEWS reports this story, there are also allegations that key web pages related to the possible Bush bombshell, including an interview on CNN, have disappeared.”

    But a recent New York Daily News article suggests Flynt is going to push this story in a book to be released this summer here

  2. This story was talked about a lot about 2 weeks ago when Flynt decided to run with it, no one else is though for some reason, I don’t know if it’s because it was a Lie or if they’re just scared…..we’ll find out

  3. You know, I can’t see this issue doing much damage.  The people who’d you want outraged about it (conservative christians) believe Dub was washed clean of all his sins when he was born again.  Maybe Catholics will be able to work up some steam about it, but I think bringing up an illegal abortion would just give everyone voting against him just another thing to be pissed about.  And he’s done PLENTY to be pissed about in the last three years, let alone the last 35.  So in my humble opinion, focusing too much energy on this one is a mistake.

    Oh, unless the woman comes forward to say he forced her into it, and she sure misses her li’l unborn angel sumthin’ awful—-
    Then let ‘er RIP!!

    If you really want to look into something specious, Calpundit did a story yesterday about Iranian reports that Osama bin Ladin has already been captured.  If you start hearing a lot of noise from the White House about a renewed & vigorous manhunt for Osama, and then, right at the point when Dub’s poll numbers are at thier lowest, TADA!  Look who we pulled out of a hat!  Well, if it happens, I’m just going to be.. uh, even MORE paranoid…..

    Happy Sunday!

  4. Covie, thanks for the links they were interesting.
    Can there really be enough information for a book though? I guess I will just have to wait and see.

    maryh, I agree on the whole ‘born again = wholesale pardon of sin’ making this a non-starter among many radical fundamentalist Christians but among more mainstream Christians it might be another cause to re-evaluate the shrub. The fundies will vote for Bush no matter what, it is the swing voters that might hopefully be persuaded.

    Back when I still had a job most of us agreed that Osama would “miraculously” be caught right before the elections when it would benefit Bush most in the polls, for many of us it would be a shamelessly transparent ploy that would rate not much more than a disgusted eye roll. I just wonder how many people out there would actually fall for such cheap theatrics? Too many probably.

  5. i don’t believe there is any time that UBL will be caught that the haters will be satisfied - there will always be a conspiracy, there will always be evil intent, there will always be something wrong with how things are done.  Has anybody else noticed this?  Non-stop bitching.  Non-stop whining and Non-stop character assassination.  For the most part I like the way the democratic leadership is proceeding - but I despise the way the hardcore democratic constituents are acting.

  6. i am not a big political guy, but as it looks as if this could be a political forum,  i am curious as to what most of you guys opinions are on global government or a one-world society….i appreciate the input…

  7. Just did a check on archive.org…CNN have robot-blocked access to the original files…methinks they don’t want to get fried by the Shrub’s cronies…interesting story.
    I’ll be fascinated is someone finds something to back up the claims.

  8. Links about the supposed capture of Osama Bin Laden are disappearing left and right, and the White house focus on “we’re closing in” on him is already beginning.

    The folks who pay for the politicians are always the last to know what they’re up to. Unless you pay a lot, then you get to help plan what they’re up to.

  9. Brian, I think this was directed at me?  But I don’t get the ‘hater’ thing.  Look, the Jessica Lynch story is more than enough proof for me that the neo-cons aren’t above fabricating news outright to improve thier image.  But look at the domestic issues that get evaded or erased every time “terror” becomes the republican trope—Education cuts (TONS of Children Left Behind), deregulation in beef and agriculture, healthcare…  Oh, I’m boring myself.  I’m sure you’ve read it all.  The “Starve the Beast” tactic that the neo-cons are promoting is the real issue.  If you believe that the federal government exists, at least in part, to protect the rights of its citizens, to keep said citizens fed and educated and free from exploitation, then the neo-con ideal should strike you as cruel, to say the least.  If, on the other hand, you think the above statement sounds like a lot of socialist claptrap….  Well, I guess I’d haveta ask, what kind of country do you want the USA to be in 20 years?  I mean, really?

    “i don

  10. Eric, I think you’re right about the swing voters.  I read too many blogs—I keep forgetting that there are plenty of mainstream christians who find the social and economic policies of this administration as troubling as I do.  But I still think this story is small beans compared to the well documented nonsense that the Bushlettes have wrought over the past few years.

    Thanks Brock, for noting the disappearing links—I’m grinding my teeth already!

  11. I’ve been suspecting that bin Laden’s on ice for a year or so, now. I’m sure his capture would give the Shrub a temporary boost, but has anyone noticed that last week, Tenet said on Capitol Hill that capturing bin Laden will mean nothing in the War on Terra, since anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world has grown so strong?

    I suspect we do have him, if only because the guy is supposed to be on dialysis, remember. He wouldn’t survive without semi-good care. Musharref, maybe?

  12. here is a guy that is pretty well know in in christian charismatic circles that has prophesied the capture of osama bin laden….  http://www.kimclement.com

    here is his prophecy…

    Osama Bin Laden

    Osama Bin Laden said that in 35 days America (he was prophesying, predicting) would be abolished, wiped out because he has a plan for 35 days. And the word of the Lord came to me and said,

  13. right! I itwouldn’t not like telling about policy .. I dislike her because it is dirty and deceitful .. there now it is fact that how it family this present president would would not it be president today

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