Changing my address.

Well, it looks like the email servers at my broadband provider are acting flaky again so rather than risk losing emails sent to me I’ll just take the plunge and move my primary account to my webhost and use my old primary address as a spam pit seeing as that’s most of what it gets these days anyway.

So, if you have me in your address book for some reason then you’ll want to update it and change my primary email address from “deadgod[at]” to “les[at]” changing the [at]‘s to a ‘@’ character.

I’ll still be pulling down the WOW address so if you send me email there I’ll still get it as long as the server doesn’t eat it and you can always reach me at my secondary address of “les[at]” if you have some moral objection to typing the word bastard, but the first place I’ll be checking for email from now on is my new address. Just thought you’d like to know.

6 thoughts on “Changing my address.

  1. I don’t imagine anyone who has any moral objections to typing the word “bastard” would find themselves here … but, then, folks find moral objections to the strangest things.

  2. I echo Dave’s comments… what sort of person would have problems typing or even saying ‘bastard’??  Hmmm…..  Those damn bastards! 

  3. You wouldn’t think so, Dave, but I get emails all the time from people who have come to my website only to bitch at me about the fact that the URL contains the word “bastard” in it.

    Greg, I’ve considered opening up access to SEB email addresses, but I don’t know if anyone’s actually willing to pay for such a thing.

  4. I know I’m double dipping but … I’m just cruising your site. Click. Click. Click.

    Got here about the BASTARD thing which reminded me of a book I had about 2 or 4 decades ago - The ABC of Australian Bastards - there was the Awful Bastard, Bad, Cunning/Cultured, Deep/Depressive, Evil, Foolish/Funny, Good, Horny/Happy, Interesting, Jolly/Jack (as in ‘I‘m alright Jack - fcku‘), Know-all, Lonely, Maudlin, Nice, Opinionated, Picky, Queer (as in weird - not sexual persuasion), Real, Stupid, Tough, Unusual, Vehement, Weird, X (can‘t remember … X-rated?), Yellow, Zealous BASTARD.
    I made most of them up - the book was much more interesting - with a little story about each one the awthor (sic) had met/known about.

    I clearly remember thinking of the people I knew and where they fit into the scheme of bastardry.

    I don’t know what it’s like over there but BASTARD is not the worst way you can refer to someone as. In the main, in Oz, it’s a term of endearment as in “G’day, y’old bastard; how‘re they hangin‘

  5. Gotta knock-off - too many beers.

    No kidding?

    I know of Brits who will utter something along the lines of “I am one lucky bastard!” Come to think of it, we do that on this side of the pond as well…

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