AK-MP3: The gift to give the terrorist who has everything.

People are always asking me, “Les,” they say, they always call me Les, “I have a trendy friend who is involved in a terrorist cell as a weekend-warrior type of hobby and I want to buy him a birthday gift that speaks of his trendy nature.”

To which I reply, “Go out and buy him a brand new MP3 player for his AK-47 to help spice up a rather clichd accessory.” That’s right, you can now purchase a custom-made AK47 ammunition clip that has a built-in MP3 player so you can listen to The Clash’s Rock the Casbah while guarding the American hostages your cell has captured. 

Former Russian rock star Andrey Koltakov, a partner in the dotcom company offering the AK-MP3 for sale, said: “This is our bit for world peace – hopefully, from now on many militants and terrorists will use their AK-47s to listen to music and audio books.”

The accessory costs $480 or $965 with hundreds of audio books loaded on to it.

Those marketing it say the stainless steel body makes it “uniquely suitable for outdoors.”

Even as a terrorist you can never be too trendy.

5 thoughts on “AK-MP3: The gift to give the terrorist who has everything.

  1. What a great gift! And just when I thought the AK market might have been saturated… All they need now is a dvd player built into the rifle’s stock.

  2. Honey, whatever happened to that resolution to get a membership in the local gun club?  Wouldn’t his and her’s AK47s w/ MP3 Player accessories would be a super Valentine’s investments for each other!  I’d also like to look into those personalized grenade launchers and pastel colored chicken guns for Easter and/or our Anniversary.

  3. And who said rock stars aren’t geniuses? Well I certainly feel safer now that terrorists will turn their AK-47’s into boom boxes, no pun intended.

    Jihad recordings. Great.

    A good ol’ fashioned ass whoopin’ could be properly applied here. 😉

  4. Hm… any idea what memory capacities this comes in, or whether it results in a reduction in the ammo capacity of the clip? Don’t see much point in being able to listen to your favourite revolutionary songs if you run out of ammo before the infidels.

    I’m assuming that the bundled software does not come with any copy protection whatsoever. That would be just wrong.

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