Adventures in photography: Age-Maps

What do you get when you take two photographs of the same person, say one as a child and one as an adult or any other two different periods of time, and splice them together? You get Age-Maps, a kinda cool in some cases and kinda creepy in others simultaneous look at then-and-now.

Update: This same photographer has similarly creepy photos using the theme of couples as well as other photographic themes worthy of checking out in the navigation bar on the left of the page.

Found via Visible Monsters.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in photography: Age-Maps

  1. Weird, yet cool.
    In the ‘couples’ gallery, the weirdest one is where he swapped the face and body -his face/her body half and vise versa (bottom row, middle pic); most disorienting (not like the others aren’t…)

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