Accomplished teen decides to try murder.

So what do you do to top yourself when you’re an accomplished high school football and wrestling star, the first teen in 20 years in your town to receive the Eagle scout honor and graduating class salutatorian? Well, if you’re Gary M. Hirte of Weyauwega, Wisconsin you see if you can get away with murder. The short answer: Nope. You a smart baby, but you ain’t that smart.

Post-Crescent – Accomplished teen accused of Fremont murder

Authorities this week taped a telephone conversation between the woman and Hirte. After she initiated conversation, he told her that he entered Kopitske’s home, shot him in the back of the head with a 12-gauge shotgun and stabbed him three times. He said he wanted to see if he could get away with the crime.

State crime lab investigators previously believed that the shotgun round taken from Kopitske’s head came from a 12-gauge gun, the complaint states.

Evidence against Hirte goes deeper, Lennon said.
An 18-year-old Weyauwega student interviewed Thursday said that he and Hirte had traveled past Kopitske’s home and Hirte later told him that he committed the murder and showed him the car keys and an eight-inch knife he claimed to use during the crime, the complaint states.

Lennon described the car keys as a trophy for Hirte. Kopitske’s parents identified the keys, and officers further verified them by starting the ignition of Kopitske’s car, the complaint states.

Hirte denied any involvement.

While admitting that he told friends about the murder, he told police he didn’t commit the crime. Despite the denial, Hirte offered details of the crime that weren’t released by police or the media, Lennon said.

Oops. I suppose no one ever bothered to mention to this kid that if you’re going to murder someone and you’re serious about getting away with it then you really probably shouldn’t brag about it to your friends and ex-girlfriend.

2 thoughts on “Accomplished teen decides to try murder.

  1. Wow. Would it ever suck to be murdered by someone so utterly stupid. Talk about twisting the knife.

    Oh, uh, bad choice of words.

  2. I knew Gary.  As a matter of fact I almost dated the kid…..  I guess Im just glad he never had the chance to put his hands on me! 

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